Custom gears

In the commercial industry, customized tools and machinery are often necessary in order for operations and tasks to be performed as efficiently as possible. Continuous advances in technology allow for increased customization and precision to ensure the efficiency of these tasks. Gears are very commonly used tools that serve many purposes to many different types of machines. Many reverse engineering companies are manufacturing custom made gears such as spur gears, bevel gears, worm gears, and pinion gears for various needs.

Gears are among the oldest tools used for the purpose of transmitting motion and are one of the most commonly used pieces of machinery in the train industry. In addition to being used for trains, bevel gears are also used in cars, painting presses, and power plants. Reverse engineering companies and bevel gear manufacturers use cast iron most often in manufacturing because it is durable and it does not wear easily. To operate locomotives on a track, the rack and pinion gear set is the one most typically used. For all gearing needs including the manufacturing of custom gears, reverse engineering companies can provide services.

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