If you’re a budding cosmetologist or beautician looking to rent a suite for your practice, the process can seem intimidating. You need a hair salon space in order to do your business, but how do you know you’re setting up in the right one? Watch this video for an inside look at what you can expect out of your salon touring session.

Most likely, the hair salon space will have different sized suites for you to choose from. Larger ones may be equipped with their own sinks.

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Some may be furnished, while others require bringing in your own furniture. You may be interested in changing the paint on the walls — if so, say so! Salon studios are all about aesthetics. Some hair salon spaces for rent may have chairs or stations if you don’t have your own.

Be sure to ask the person giving you the tour about any special rules you may need to follow. If the building is closed during certain hours, or if they forbid children without an appointment, these are things you may need to know before making a decision. Expect to pay an application fee and security deposit on your unit once you’ve chosen.

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