Warehousing logistics

The online shopping industry is huge today. More shoppers than ever are using the internet to search for and to purchase the items that they need or want. The online shopping experience has become extremely easy and has provided both the consumer and the supplier with many advantages. Eighty percent of the online population has purchased something using the internet; 50% of the online population have purchased more than once. People are shopping on the internet, and they are learning how convenient and quick it is; and are returning to shop even more.

A store that has an online presence might wonder about the order fulfillment process once an online order is received. Really, there are two options available. Certainly, there is the option of fulfilling orders in-home. This would require the supplier to store all of their items in their home or in a rented or leased office space. They would have to individually pick the items needed, package them and then label them. Then a trip to the shipping facility would be needed almost daily; to ensure timely delivery. Delivery might cost extra if things such as order tracking, insurance or delivery notification are needed. Online commerce stores also have the option of warehousing and distribution.

E-commerce fulfillment can be a lengthy Ecommerce order fulfillment process, meaning smaller companies might struggle providing Ecommerce order fulfillment services in large quantities. The Ecommerce order fulfillment process through a warehouse or shipping company can save on costs of shipping; offering more profit to the supplier and more savings and discounts to the consumer. When asked directly what aspects they would like retailers to improve on;; 58% of online shoppers chose free or discounted shipping. Additionally, online shoppers are most satisfied with the ease of check-out (83%), the variety of brands/products (82%), and online tracking ability (79%). Distribution and warehousing companies can easily provide shipping tracking and a reliable and quick delivery system. Ecommerce order fulfillment can also assist suppliers with marketing logistics; assisting with the branding of packaging and ensuring brand recognition within their products and their shipping items.

The Ecommerce order fulfillment process can be tedious and can take away from the important time of a business owner. Using the services of a warehousing and distribution center; both the buyer and the supplier are left with many advantages. Costs of the items can be lowered, shipping is quicker and trackable and the supplier?s time is freed up; leaving them to much more important tasks such as marketing, item selection and customer satisfaction.

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