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Every business owner wants their tags to stay protected. Exposure to liquid or the ground can instantly ruin an otherwise good tag. No business owners wants to have to constantly remake price tags. There are many different innovations for tag protectors. The wide degree of customization that is seen with plastic tag protectors gives business owners much to be excited about. Here are six extremely useful features of tag protectors for a business.

  • Color Coded: There are tag protectors available that are color coded. Having color coded protectors are great for keeping important information sorted. You might include color coded tag to separate items by type. In some cases, color coded tags are in place to designate when inventory needs to be replenished.
  • Available in Variety of Sizes: A business owners knows that inventory comes in all shapes and sizes. The versatility of plastic tag protectors ensures they are made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Sealed for Extra Protection: In certain situations, it will be imperative that an item stays sealed. Having tags sealed means that no harm or contamination occurs to your valuable tags.
  • Tag Protectors with Strap: You will commonly see tag protectors with a strap at conventions and events. In many cases, having a strap with your tag protectors provides extra security. Being able to use a strap to wear a tag around your neck is often seen for identification badges.
  • Magnetic Tag Protectors: Having a plastic tag protector with a magnetic strip is especially useful in food environments. Supermarkets also use plenty of clear price tag sleeves to include on store shelves.
  • Hanging Tag Protectors: Plastic hang tag sleeves are great for keeping information in one set location. Many businesses order a clear pouch with hang hole for document storage.
  • In closing, there are many variations that come with tag protectors. Having a way to sort information by color coding is often a popular tag option. The many sizes available for plastic tag helps to ensure different sized documents are stored properly. A tag can be damaged in a wide variety of ways from the elements to an accidental spill.

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