Electronic school signs

It is a well-known fact that most retail businesses rely on their business signage to let customers know where they are. It has been estimated that 35% of all consumers only find the company or businesses they are looking for because of the This is not something that is limited to small “mom and pop” businesses. Even the electronics giant Best Buy has reported that at least 17% of the people who walk through their doors do so because they saw the iconic, big, yellow sign. If LED signs for businesses can be of such use to large companies, it only goes to say that school marquee signs can do the same thing for educational facilities.

Successful schools will tell you that it takes a lot of work. One of the main things that all successful schools have in common is their dedication to outreach. Schools are more than just a place where kids spend most of the day. In many areas, these are also a big part of the overall community. Therefore, the ability to communicate with the community is very important. School sign boards serve a number of purposes. They are there, of course, to remind kids to get ready for photos, graduation, to congratulate high achievement and remind everyone about the big game. School marquee signs can alert people in the area to other events at the school and even provide updates in the case of a weather emergency.

There are a number of reasons that school LED signs are a good way to get the word out. Here are a few:

  • They are inexpensive. School districts want to communicate with their community but they are also under a number of tight budget constraints. The lights that are used in the LED signs waste no energy on heat, it all goes to the light. That means a few things, they are energy efficient and they are much less likely to burn out.
  • They are hard to miss. They use less energy but because all of the power used in them goes to the light, they are brighter than incandescent lighting. They are bright and vibrant and very hard to miss as people are driving down the road. It matters not if it is midnight or noon.
  • They look different from other signs in the area. There are a lot of schools that are in rural or even suburban areas and there may be little competition from area businesses. There are also schools that sit in the heart of things and they need something extra. LED school marquee signs provide that.
  • They are really easy to change. Unlike a business, like Best Buy, whose message does not change all that much, schools’ messages are changing all of the time. They may have to to be changed multiple times in a week. With other kinds of signs, that is a challenge. This is not the case when it comes to LED lighting. It can be changed as often as needed with no hassle at all.
  • You can add video. People may not be Tyrannosaurus Rex, the dinosaur who only could see things when they move but that does not mean movement does not help catch the eye. Adding video to your LED school marquee signs can also give people a better idea of what happened or is going to happen. Did the team have some incredible play? Did the debate star score a great point? Show it off by adding some video to your signs.
  • There is almost no maintenance. Unlike other signs that use lights, LED signs will not burn out the same way. These signs have a lot of very tiny lights in them. From time to time, a few may reach the end of their lifespan but you do not have to worry as much. Not only will this not destroy the look of the sign but it will take very little for your maintenance crew to replace them.

Most schools around the United States have a lot going on, all of the time. Even during the winter holidays and over the summer break, there are things going on and to communicate. LED school marquee signs really help.


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