When you live in a time when enough never seems to be enough, it should come as no surprise that there is big business in storage containers. From Conex containers for offices on construction sites to temporary, portable and easy to relocate Conex containers for storage and moving, there is an entire industry that is build around the nation’s, and the world’s, need for large scale storage solutions.

Even used as modular housing in some locations, Conex storage structures are finding an increasing number of markets that are available to them.

  • Steel containers serve a variety of purposes. From inventory storage for the largest of retailer stores to construction supplies for road projects, there are many ways that these sturdy structures can be of use.
  • Today’s consumers have great needs, so it should come as no surprise that the U.S. imports millions of storage containers full of merchandise every year.
  • Ocean liners full of steel storage containers make their way across the sea before they are transported across the country on railroad tracks.
  • Real estate sites are often locations that are very busy, and they could often benefit from an office that would allow for supervisor meetings and other essential gatherings.
  • As protection from the weather, some steal containers are used as duck blinds and bird viewing sanctuaries.
  • Garages are no longer enough to help store all of the things that Americas want in their homes. As a result there are a growing number of people who live on large pieces of property that use weather proof steel containers to store items that are only used seasonally.
  • Every storage container that is recycled keeps many tons of steel out of the dump. In addition to the materials like wood, bricks, and mortar that are not needed to build new buildings.

Some estimates indicate that there are nearly 24 million empty, retired shipping containers on the planet. This is due in large part to the fact that most containers are retired after only 10 to 15 years use. Fortunately, there are more and more individuals, groups, and companies that are working to make sure that these still viable resources are repurposed for a number of uses. In fact, reusing a single 40 foot container upcycles nearly 3500kg of steel and saves nearly 8000 kWh that would otherwise be needed to melt it down. As the U.S. and other countries around the world to come to terms with the amount of STORAGE that we are using, it only makes sense that there are also entire new industries trying to determine what to do with these large steel structures when they are no longer used for their intended purposes.

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