From round printable labels to heavy duty label protectors, the way that things are packaged is hugely important – more so than many people ever even realize. But from shipping packages to selling them in the stores that are so prevalent around the country, the use of things like round printable labels and even small colored dot stickers likely make a considerably impact. This article will briefly discuss why this is the case, though it is certainly not an all encompassing look at all things packaging.

First of all, it’s important to discuss the very prevalence of packages and various types of packaging here in the United States. The fact that more than fifteen and a half million packages are handled by the UPS alone over the course of one single day helps to put things in perspective, as does the fact that more than sixty five billion various packages and parcels are shipped over the course of a single year, not just here in the United States but all around the world.

When it comes to the shipping of packages, things like round printable labels and removable colored tape aren’t necessarily important from a design perspective – but they can certainly be important when it comes to getting a package to where it is ultimately going. Things like round printable labels can serve like a key of sorts, showing what type of package something is, whether it is fragile or not, and where it should be going. For those who work within this field, the use of adequate labeling is certainly nothing if not highly important.

Of course, packaging is also important for selling the item in the first place and while many people now buy things on online platforms, in store shopping is still incredibly important. It makes sense that this would be the case, as all of these products must compete with so many others. In order to stand out and make the necessary sales, packaging must be as engaging and informative (and inviting) as is possible.

The colors used on a packaging, for example, can have a considerable impact. In fact, more than eighty percent (eighty five percent, to be more exact) of all consumers and customers here in the United States will base their purchasing decisions directly off of the coloring of the packaging that they see. And certain types of colors are likely to draw in far more potential buyers than others do.

For one thing, there are ways that color can effectively be used to increase the recognition of the brand in customers across many different demographics. This brand recognition can be improved significantly through the use of color recognition – by even as much as eighty percent, as significant percentage by any means. People naturally identify things very frequently by their color, and using color as a tool in the advertiser’s arsenal as a way to increase overall brand recognition is likely to be hugely impactful on a whole. Round printable labels of a certain color can also be used for this purpose.

In addition to this, round printable labels can also be used to convey important information, such as discounts or sales. Sometimes, special promotions can be printed on round printable labels and easily applied to already existing packaging. This is ideal for any special promotions that the brand wants to be advertised, as it can provide front and center advertising (in the form of the round printable labels in question) that is only available for a limited time.

And in addition to colors, the use of patterns is also instrumental when it comes to effective marketing strategies and packaging. More so than anything, the combination of colors and patterns can be used to effectively market any number of products, and there are certainly a large variety of products that are in need of marketing, from food products to personal grooming products to home goods. And with so many products to compete against each other, vying for the attention of all consumers here in the United States, there’s really no need for explanation when it comes to the importance of brand packaging and the brand packaging strategies that are used as well.

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