When considering your options for an outdoor structure, you want to look at the benefits of lightweight composite structures. Although composites are relatively new compared to steel or wood, they have quickly gained dominance within the market. This is due to the many benefits they offer. They are now used to make everything from decking to golf clubs.

When the primary benefits of composite is the fact that it is significantly lighter than steel or wood. Constructing lightweight structures is easier in many ways and the structure is more readily movable, which maybe important. Being lighter also makes it easier to build and install as necessary.

Composites are far more resistant to damage than wood or steel. They are more weather resistant, as well as resistant to chemicals. Both wood and metal can be deeply effected by exposure to harsh chemicals. Metal is easily damaged by hail or strong winds. While wood breaks down fairly quickly when consistently exposure to rain, snow, and sunlight. The impact of weather and chemicals on wood and metal means they are more expensive to maintain,and they do not last as long. The replacement costs are higher making them more expensive in the short and the long run.

When building lightweight structures, you do not want to sacrifice durability, which you won’t when choosing composites. Composites are also more flexible than wood or metal, which has two benefits. First, you can make your structure utilizing interesting shapes and angles more easily than you can with wood or metal. The second benefit is the increased resistance to wind and extreme weather.

When choosing composites for lightweight strictures, you also do not have to sacrifice strength. Wood and metal are often preferred because of their strength. However, when compared pound for pound, composites are stronger than metal. Composites also distribute weight more evenly, which prevents bowing or sagging in specific areas.

Carbon fiber is one of the most popular forms of composite due to the increase in benefits. While there are options, the testing of composites made of carbon fibers were the most positive within composite engineering. Custom carbon fiber manufacturing has grown significantly in recent years as buyers are choosing custom made lightweight structures over prefab options. A structure made of carbon fiber may cost a bit more upfront, but will cost significantly less over time.

In addition to saving money through low maintenance, they also save on frustration and mental resources. Knowing you do not have to treat your outdoor structure every year, replace boards, or re-coat the outside to avoid rust, means less on your mind. It means having more time to deal with other issues, or more importantly, more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

If you are unsure of what you want, there are companies that will craft a carbon fiber prototype for you based on a description of what you are looking for. They will work with you to get the exact design and functionality you want out of your outdoor structure.

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