When designing a duct system there are many factors to consider. You have to consider performance, acoustics and overall installation to make sure the system can work most effectively. In this article we will look at why oval and circular ducts make for a better choice when installing a new duct system.

The Benefits of Oval Ducts

While there are many benefits of oval ducts when compared to rectangular ductwork, these are a few of the largest worth mentioning.

  • Around 20 to 30 percent of air that is moved through vents is lost in standard homes due to leaks and poorly connected ducts. Leakage is a huge issue that is most commonly found in rectangular duct systems. This can lead to energy loss and higher energy bills, along with an inefficiency in the system. However, one of the benefits of oval ducts is that they seal together in such a way that they prevent air from escaping. In the connection points of rectangular ducts, up to 3 inches of extra space needs to be factored in. This extra space can require additional reinforcements to prevent breaks or leaks, a factor that is not needed in spiral ductwork.
  • With rectangular ducts you also have to account for the space needed for reinforcements, which can be difficult depending on the size of the area you need to cover. Spiral ducts, if requiring any supports can take upto 3 inches or less of space, making them a good choice for seamless installation in smaller locations, or exposed locations.
  • The quality of air in a building can be severely impacted by leaks in the duct system. Oval ductwork, being more airtight, can provide cleaner air as foreign particles have a lower chance of entering the system.
  • Another benefit is that air pressure tends to be lower in spiral ducts. This leads to a more even air flow, and equal distribution and ventilation throughout the building or home.
  • Due to their being equal air pressure in spiral duct fittings, there are no interruptions in the airflow. This leads to them being quieter than rectangular ducts, which can make them a good choice if your system is going to be exposed.
  • Oval ducts are also easier to clean, and methods of doing so are very widely available. This is also very cost efficient as well.
  • The total cost of install, parts, labor, transport, packaging, and waste disposal, can be up to 50% less than rectangular ducts. This makes them more cost effective on all critical points.

Oval ductwork has many benefits that set it above the standard competition. They’re more energy efficient, cost effective, and provide a cleaner quality of air. They can also be installed exposed overhead without feeling like they are an eyesore. In many open concept buildings exposed ductwork is commonplace, and with oval ducts, the aesthetic result can be pleasing.

If you are looking to install new ductwork, spiral ducts are your best bet for a great result that looks and functions more effectively than other rectangular options.

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