Aviation professionals need places they can trust to fix their planes. Within the air travel industry, these facilities are referred to as MRO Transport Facilities. The acronym stands for maintenance, repair, and overhaul, representing the activities conducted in those facilities. In this YouTube video, the viewer learns there are six basic kinds of MRO facilities.

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The most frequent type of MRO facility is an independent repair station. These facilities are small and are sometimes branches of larger companies. Fixed-space facilities are designed for one specific airport, and they develop a relationship with the community where the airport is located. Some airline companies will create facilities dedicated to working exclusively with their aircraft; these are called commercial airline hubs.

In a small regional airport, you would be likely to find a regional MRO facility. Because of the size of these facilities, they need to be careful to keep their operations costs low. To make a profit, they must cut those costs. Some airports provide space for military MROs, which provide first-class service for military aircraft.

Because there are so many types of military aircraft, military MRO facilities can accommodate many sizes and types of aircraft. Companies that own corporate planes often have corporate MROs which service these corporate planes. Which MRO facility you use will depend on the origin and purpose of your aircraft.


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