Blister packaging

Have you ever made a trip to the local pharmacy to get medication for your headache or your allergies? You were led to the over the counter medication aisle and you were immediately overwhelmed with all of the available options. There were probably so many options that you didn?t even know where to begin to look. You start picking up packages, probably based on the price, with the cheapest ones being first. You quickly scan the products, looking for what they claim that they can do for you. You probably end up choosing the one that is the cheapest that provides relief for the symptoms that you are having. The point here is that the design of the packaging matters.

When you are faced, as a consumer with multiple options, you are going to gravitate to the most visually appealing packaging products. This could be the blister packaging with the largest print or the brightest of colors. It could be the blister packaging with the most interesting photo on the front of the package. It could also be the one that clearly states what the medication can do for your symptoms. Either way, consumers are faced with many choices when purchasing their over the counter medications, and the clinical label design and print of the blister packaging are important.

Blister packaging companies take a lot into mind when designing the packaging of these over the counter medications. They must ensure that the packaging is safe and secure to young children and that it is sterile, providing a clean and untampered with product to its consumers. Additionally, there is information that is required on the packaging, including the expiration date, the name of the product and its ingredients. Blister packaging companies often offer services like lot number and expiration date printing for quality control purposes. This type of information ensures that you, as the consumer, are receiving the safety and freshest product that is possible.

Bottle packaging companies must also find ways to be competitive in the over the counter medication field. However, their bottles often come in packaged in a box, making the design of the box more important. Many companies may also choose to advertise on their packaging that they are childproof. This is important for many home with young children in them. For medicine and pharmaceuticals, blister packaging can often be completed with child safe features so that only adults can open the packaging.

Some bottle packaging designs may include money off the product or additional coupons for future purchases. Card blister packaging gives the client the ability to add coupons in with their products to generate further purchases. When a customer has a coupon for a product, they are likely to bypass all of the other options and choose the item that the coupon is good for. Many bottle packaging services will attempt to utilize coupons and discounts to create a sense of loyalty with their customers. Some customers, when shopping, do not pay attention to all of the options and instead, always pick the brand that they are used to.

We have all been in the shopping scenario where we are faced with many choices of over the counter medications. Some customers choose based on price, some choose based on the design of the package and what catches their eye and some choose based on brand loyalty. Either way, a bottle packaging company needs to pay careful attention to their branding and the design of their packaging. An appealing bottle or blister packaging design may be the deciding factor for many customers. Adding discounts or coupons for next purchases may also further entice customers to purchase a specific brand.

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