Electronic message signs

Building a business can be a difficult and overwhelming endeavor. Getting it off of the ground is surely one of the hardest aspects of running a business, but it doesn’t necessarily become easy from there. Those who have a vision and the determination to get there will have the best chance of succeeding, especially if they are utilizing all of the help and resources that they have available to them.

So what makes running a business so difficult? There are plenty of factors that contribute to making this goal such a lofty one. However, that also means that when it does succeed, the resulting feeling is all the more rewarding. Just a few things that potential business owners must consider include dealing with hiring and employee turnover, payroll, taxes, bills, and fees, ensuring that you have the best location and setup for the job at hand, keeping the company spaces clean and up to code, and of course, marketing and pulling in new customers. In today’s digital age, a brick and mortar business must enforce a strong presence both at the physical location and online.

The right business signage for you

There is no doubt about the fact that having a strong online presence is crucial in this day and age. Someone living a block away might run a search to find out what your hours are, and if they are not readily available or accessible, as illogical as it might sound, that potential customer may head somewhere else rather than calling or stopping by to find out the answer to their question. People like accessibility, and good websites provide that. So there should certainly be a thorough focus on the functionality and ease of your website. But don’t let today’s trends of the technologically dependent masses deter you from good old fashioned advertising and visibility as well. The right business signage out front, or in the window, or even on a billboard down the road, could work in tandem with your online presence to bring in the clientele that you are seeking.

Why good signage for businesses is essential

Yes, we live in a digitally connected world. But there are still plenty of people who rely on the physical location and face to face interaction that we human beings are built for in order to meet their business needs. In fact, one study showed that a solid 85% of the customers that a business has actually work or live within five miles of the location of that company. And a lot of that has to do with the right business signage choice. About 35% of people say that they would not have found the business had it not been for the sign out front. It has even been estimated that a sign on site has the same value as 24 full page advertisements in the newspaper every year. Whether it is an outdoor LED display or a scrolling marquee sign, catching the eye of a potential customer is an important step. And if you still have any doubts about whether or not anyone will pay attention to that sign out front, it is worth considering that a full 68% of the respondents in one poll said that they sometimes or even frequently make decisions about their shopping while they are in the car. With the right signage, your business can pull them in.

There are plenty of hurdles and roadblocks on the path of starting up and maintaining a business. But drawing in customers with the perfect business signage can help to ease at least some of those concerns.

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