School cleaning service

Kids’ dirty shoes running in all directions, hooligans throwing wet toilet paper and drawing on bathroom stalls, children with no manners sticking their gum to the bottom of desks; how on earth do you keep a school clean when these kinds of things happen every single day? Well, there’s job security for the janitor, that much can be said. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help school cleaning services to not feel overwhelmed every time they step on to the school campus. Janitorial services are much needed in schools and they can make for a very fulfilling experience when done right. Here are a few ways to keep on top of the craziness of school cleaning.

Green Cleaning
First of all, a good school cleaning services should always use products that are safe for the children to inhale. You never know what children are going to do, or dare each other to do. When I was in middle school, the big dare at that time was to lick a cafeteria table. As disgusting as that sounds, if it is being cleaned every day, it’s not that big of a deal. Actually, what’s a bigger deal is if the table was just cleaned with a chemical cleaner. Worse than germs are all those toxic chemicals attaching themselves to the child’s tongue. If you are using a eco friendly cleaner, then the child has nothing to worry about. However, teachers should still be on the look out for dares like this one. They just aren’t a good idea in general, but a school cleaning service can help eliminate health risks by using the right types of cleaning agents.

Prioritized Cleaning
Not everything needs to be cleaned every day. That would be too much for one person. They should be placed in order of how much they get used. High traffic areas like desks, toilets, drinking fountains, doorknobs and chair backs should be disinfected on a daily basis in order to keep the children safe. Surfaces like these carry a high volume of bacteria as they are touched by all kinds of different people throughout each day. However, tops of shelves and doors and chair legs may not need as much attention. Writing out a list of daily, weekly and monthly duties can be helpful to keeping the cleaning organized and efficient.

Kids’ Cleaning
Having the teachers enforce rules like throwing away litter, wiping down the whiteboard or chalkboard, not writing on tables and chairs can be very helpful to the school cleaning service. The school should make sure to provide enough trash cans around the school so the children have no reason to throw anything on the floor. There should be plenty of places for them to express themselves through drawing and writing so that bathroom stalls and desks stay marker free as much as possible. Don’t make cleaning a punishment for the kids, otherwise the kids who aren’t being punished won’t see the need in keeping the school clean. A better idea is to make it an incentive program and offer rewards for the cleanest person. Things like ‘threw away the most trash,’ ‘offered to wipe down tables and chairs’ and rewards like that could make the kids more motivated to be on top of their hygiene.

Break Time Cleaning
During school breaks and summers, the school should undergo a major deep cleaning process. The cleaning service you should will be able to help you assess what exactly needs to be done during these times but it should be more than the daily or weekly or even monthly cleaning. This is the best time to clean because you can focus on different parts of the school and it doesn’t have to all be done in one day. The children won’t be there in between cleaning times to mess it up so you can make sure that each section is done thoroughly. This will also help when it comes time to maintain the day to day cleaning again.

School cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can actually be very efficient and kind of easy to get through if everything is organized properly.

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