Charitable donations

Spring cleaning and going through the closet to find unwanted clothing is something most people do at least once a year, to make room for items they want. Many people think it’s easiest to throw their clothing away. Often, this is because they aren’t sure what to do with the items. There are many ways to give clothing to those who could use it, through a licensed charity. With the help of clothing drop off sites, charities that come and pick up unwanted items, and visiting the charities themselves, there are many ways to contribute to others and get a tax deduction too. Here are some of the ways folks can help others with their used clothing donations.

Having a Pick-Up Arranged

Some people cannot get to a clothing drop off site and need someone to come and pick up clothing donations for them. Those who are older, don’t have a car or aren’t sure where that sites are but would still like to donate can benefit from using such a service. Since over 10 million tons of clothing get thrown away every year, it makes sense to have a service that allows individuals to donate by having someone come to pick it up. Sometimes the individuals simply come to the curb and pick up items that are left there. Other times, they can come into the house, if there are large items that cannot be moved by the owner. Either way, this means clothing and other items can be donated with ease.

Drop Off Sites

Clothing drop off sites are common for many charities. Often these are in areas that are well-known to the community, such as a shopping center. There, individuals can gather up what they no longer need, and drop it off in one easy location. Since most Americans donate less than 20% of used clothing, usually because they don’t know where to donate it to, this is the perfect opportunity to give back to others at no additional cost. Because the drop off sites are in easy locations, it means individuals don’t need to go out of their way to find the right site.

Going Directly to the Charity

Going directly to the charity is easy for many people. Besides knowing where to donate clothes to, they usually walk away with proof of their donation, in the form of a receipt. This is used at tax time, to help them write off their deduction. Although going to donate clothes may not seem like a large tax deduction, it still helps. For example, overcoats for men can be written off for over $50 if they are in good condition.

Rather than let used clothing sit in a closet, make use through donations. Clothing can be distributed through a drop off site, pick up where a volunteer comes to the house and takes it out, or by going to the charity itself. Either way, it provides individuals with a tax-deductible donation and gives clothing to those who can use it.

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