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Have you considered bringing in parking lot sweeping services to give your business’s parking lot a spa day? We know what you’re thinking, you aren’t entertaining the Queen of England; paying for parking lot sweeping services is a cost you just can’t swing right now. However, if you hear us out, we hope you’ll come to see that your business can’t afford NOT to hire parking lot sweeping services:

Three Reasons That Parking Lot Sweeping Services Are Worth the Mula

  1. You only get one chance at a first impression.

    Your customers are not only using the quality of your product or service to decide if they trust you. They are constantly sizing you up based on their entire experience with your business. If you have a dirty bathroom, they will think you don’t care about quality with your whole operation. If you offer a bottle of water to the client when they walk through your door, their brain tells them, “Wow, we get the VIP treatment here. Brownie points delivered!”

    Of all the impressions you can make on your future customers, very few are a critical as the first impression. The moment your future customer steps onto your pavement, you want them to think, “The business cares about presentation, and they’ll care about the service that I pay them for.” If your parking lot is littered with debris and cigarette butts and a fine layer of dirt, the negative impact that it has on your client’s faith in you is almost impossible to bounce back from.

    Hiring parking lot cleaning services once a quarter or so to give your parking lot a nice scrub down is a simple way to ensure your customers’ entire interaction with your business does nothing but convey that you are on the ball and should be trusted with their business.

  2. Using parking lot cleaners saves you time, and time is money.
    As a business owner, we know that you wear a lot of hats. You are your own marketing army of one. You are the entire payroll and HR department for your company. You have to fix the leaky faucet, because the site handyman is you. You manage to squeeze one thousand hours into 24 and should get an award for it (except your award department is you, and you just don’t have the time).

    Your parking lot isn’t going to clean itself, so if you have any pride in your business, you’ll have to go out and clean it every day. This takes time. Time that could be better spend with tasks that could make you money, like seeking out leads, launching new products, updating your website and interacting with customers on social media. When you think of the money you could be making during the time that you’re cleaning your parking lot, you actually save cash by hiring a parking lot cleaner to do the work for you.
  3. The planet is happier when your parking lot is cleaned professionally.
    This is no surprise to you, we’re sure. Cars aren’t great for the environment. They leak oil and coolant and all manner of chemicals, and those chemicals make the plants and animals who live in nature send frowny face emoticons to one another.

    To make matters worse, think about this scenario: As people come and go from your fine establishment, their cars leave gunk in your parking lot. That gunk builds up and builds up over time, until your parking lot is gunk-central. Then, you get a nice rainy day, and all the rain washes through your parking lot before going to the rain gutters, which leads to a nearby water source. When the rain water filters through your parking lot gunk, it picks up all those chemicals that the cars in your parking lot of spilled all over the place. Those chemicals kill plants, animals, and the environment. Oh, and it ends up in your drinking water. There’s that too.

    Hiring a parking lot cleaning crew is a simple way to de-gunkify your parking lot, so that the water runoff from your parking lot is free of toxins and chemicals. This makes the birds and the bees send heart-eye emoticons!

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