A common misconception about radios is that the hosts are not highly active and simply push buttons and play CDs. But those days are long gone. In the digital age, everything is now done through the computer. The program director puts all the music, commercials, and dialog, on a 24-hour timeline so that it runs seamlessly for a positive listener experience. The board operator, who is in charge of ensuring the station runs like a well-oiled machine, generally arrives about an hour before their shift to ensure everything is ready to go.

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The host usually arrives 20-30 minutes before they are scheduled to be on air. This gives them time to get settled, wear the broadcast radio headphones, and run through any last-minute changes with the board operator. Once everything is ready to go, it’s time for the show! The host will generally start by reading through the commercials scheduled to play during their shift. Then, it’s time to start playing music! Depending on the radio station’s format, the host may be required to talk between songs, play games with listeners, or take phone calls. Whatever the case, it’s important to keep things moving and the listeners engaged.

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