Are you going through the police hiring process and are looking for tips and tricks to do well? Watch this video to learn more.

The police hiring process starts with a two-part application. The initial application is to obtain some contact information and also to ensure that the candidate possesses the minimum qualifications.

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There is also a supplemental application, which is a questionnaire that has roughly around 39 questions that are designed as a pre-screening (drug history, work experience, criminal record, etc ). It’s a multiple choice questionnaire, and some of the answers allow for an explanation. One of the last phases include a face-to-face interview before a panel of other officers. This interview is also referred to as the “oral board” interview. Make eye contact with the interviewers when speaking and answering interview questions. Don’t appear nervous or fidgety. Be aware that the board members are trained police officers who know how to spot a lie. Good eye contact and a calm demeanor conveys honesty and confidence. Practice answers to common interview questions. For instance, the board may ask how you would handle a situation where a friend or family member was engaged in illegal activity. Your answer to this question reveals your integrity and commitment to uphold the law without bias.

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