So you have your own Minecraft server up and running. Maybe you created it just so you could have fun with mods and customization. Or maybe it was a way for you to be able to play together with your friends. Either way, you might want to consider turning your server into a business. And if you don’t currently have a server but are looking for side hustle ideas, this video might be just for you.

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In it, you will learn how to make money using your Minecraft server. So whether you want to start a new business or take your gaming to the next level, you’ll want to know what this video suggests.

For starters, keep in mind that a Minecraft server hosting company will charge you, which means the money you make will have to offset that cost before you can make a profit. Also, make sure you understand Minecraft’s terms of service before you begin. The video will briefly cover this but make sure you take the time to read and understand them. The main to make money is to accept donations from your players. You can also sell in-game cosmetics and start an online store. If you think you have what it takes, you could even start a YouTube channel or Twitch channel to garner the profits that come with having an audience. Finally, you can even sell physical merchandise. These are just some of the ideas to get you started. Try putting your own spin on them and see where they go! And good luck with your new business.


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