On the Royer’s Flowers and Gifts Channel they have a video that shows a typical day for a flower delivery driver. The video is titled “Day In the Life of A Delivery Man”. The delivery driver says they have a large area to cover and sometimes it takes a long time to arrive at their destination.

They cannot leave plants at the door in chilly weather and must try to find a neighbor willing to take the plant and give it to the neighbor. When they cannot leave it with someone, they have to return the plant to the shop and leave a card to call them for re-delivery.

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This happens in remote areas and when none is home.

The driver says it is a pleasant job in the warmer weather and harder in the winter. The benefit is that customers appreciate the delivery on cold winter days. Flower delivery brings a smile to customers’ faces. The driver recalled one year on a busy Valentine’s Day when he had a full load of deliveries to be made amidst various transportation complications. The driver stressed the importance of a van’s regular maintenance so that flowers can be transported to and from the shop. They were still delivered by another van and driver that day.

Overall, a flower delivery driver enjoys the interaction with customers and the satisfaction that they are providing a service that brightens customers’ day. Delivering arrangements on time is a top priority.


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