Intermodal freight transport is part of the wide shipping network that allows movement of different types of cargo by truck and rail. It is a preferred method of transportation, particularly in the automobile and machinery industry that ships to different regions and countries both locally and internationally.

To understand how intermodal shipping works, let’s look at a typical import shipping scenario:

1. After importing, the cargo is shipped from overseas packed in a container and dropped off at a container port, where it’s moved to a rail yard for shipment inland.

2. Once the cargo has reached the inland location by rail, the shipment is then loaded on a truck and transported to its ultimate destination based on the shipping address.

Here are some of the advantages of intermodal freight shipping

While intermodal shipping has proved to be an efficient logistic solution, it’s unique in each company due to different factors such as company location, type of cargo, shipping destination, custom requests and time deadlines. However, this mode of freight shipping can be tailored to suit your shipping specifications.

2.Cost Effecient
If you are looking to cut down on shipping costs, intermodal shipping is the most efficient method to use. This is because more than one transportation method is used and it’s commonly used over long shipping distance. Moving cargo over rail consumes less fuel per TEU than using truckload shipping, this is for the Less Truck Load (LTL shipping). This makes it less expensive to move cargo regardless of the distance.

3.Safety and reliability
Sometimes moving goods over long distances can challenging process, especially ensuring that the cargo is intact on arrival without any damage or contamination. With intermodal freight, your cargo is less handled during the shipping process, meaning chances of material damage or loss is minimized. Your cargo is also safe from theft with the increased security at different trucking points, terminals, ramps, and railroad trucks.

4.Environmental Friendly mode of transportation
Another appealing element for companies looking to use intermodal shipping method is that the process ensures sustainability and environment preservation. Moving cargo using train consumes less fuel and deposits less carbon gases than trucking it the same distance.

In addition to flexibility, cargo safety, cost-efficient, and sustainability, intermodal freight also offers specialty freight services, allowing your cargo to be moved and handled with even more professional manner.

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