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If you are reading this, then you have been there. You have finished up school, and for one of many reasons (being a leader rather than a follower, following the beat of your own drum, being too unique for the rat race), you opted to start your own small business. First off, congratulations. This country was built on the backs of small business, and small business is what keeps it healthy in an increasingly global economy. The question, then, is how do you take your small business and make it truly thrive?

Often, running a small business can be very isolating. You may think that you are the first one to encounter some of the problems your business is facing. You should never stand alone, and there are a variety of resources, such as business magazines (including specifically small business magazines) that can guide you as you build your business from a budding dream to a flourishing reality.

There are many potential resources for your business in a small business magazine. Perhaps most useful are the columns. If you know where to look, you can find a column on just about any topic, ranging from supply side issues, shipping tips and tricks, economic theory and how to utilize the digital world in the best way for your business.

The articles in small business magazines are also useful. Perhaps you have not yet started your small business, and are looking for ideas. These magazines often feature stories of up and coming entrepreneurs and how they turned a simple idea into a going concern. Some articles focus on youthful business owners, teenagers who are already millionaires. Other articles look at career changers, who went from the cubicle to the chief executive officers desk by harnessing an idea. Regardless of where you are in your life or career, small business magazines contain articles with stories from which you can gain knowledge and (perhaps most importantly) inspiration.

Small business magazines have adapted to the world that business owners live in. No longer do you actually need a physical magazine gain the benefits I mentioned earlier. The vast majority of small business magazines have Apps for all of your business gadgets. Whether you are sitting in your office or sitting in first class on an international flight, you can easily consult these now digitally portable mines of business acumen.

Small business magazines are also remarkably inexpensive, particularly when contrasted with all of the nuggets of business knowledge they provide. As such, do not fail to make use of these valuable resources. Other small business owners and entrepreneurs are out there, dealing with the same problems with their businesses that you have with yours. They have developed potential solutions to the problems your business has (or may have). Being educated does not always require four years of school and thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the best education has glossy pages and three staples. Take advantage of these resources and watch your business reap the financial rewards.

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