Car wrap wraps orange county

Advertisements are everywhere today: they are in front of your face almost 100% of the time when you’re looking at your cell phone, they are everywhere on the Internet, they are on people’s clothes, on billboards, literally everywhere you can look, you can find an advertisement.

Because of this insane clutter of advertisements, the importance of quality advertising has never been higher. You don’t want to just fall in line with all the other nonsense advertisements, you want to stand out and have cool, original advertising. Custom auto wraps are a great way to do that.

Auto wraps enable you to get cool and custom advertisements on any type of vehicle. Capturing your target audience’s attention with cool auto wraps can take your business to the next level.

Benefits of car wraps:

  • According to the Federal Highway Association, there has been a significant increase in the amount of time people are spending in their personal vehicles. This means more and more eyes will be locked on to your cool auto advertisements!
  • If a vehicle wrap is done correctly and professionally, people can often mistake them for a regular paint job, and not a digitally printed wrap.
  • A single car wrap will be seen, on average, between 30,000 and 70,000 times a day. Say you decide that car wraps aren’t worth it… that’s potentially 70,000 less times a person will see your company’s advertising a day.
  • For certain businesses, utilizing car wraps increase their business by over 100%. About 107% to be exact.
  • Car wrap warranties can cover you if any damage happens while out on the road.
  • Vinyl is used to wrap cars with all sorts of color and cool designs for advertisements.
  • Of the intended targeted audience that businesses are targeting, more than 90% of them have shown to respond to successful and professionally done vehicle wraps.

Large format digital printing is an advertising method that has been around for a while. The way vehicle advertisements are utilizing these digital print wraps, however, are much more creative nowadays. Car wrap marketing can be used for any business, to advertise any product, and to just look extremely cool.

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