Most companies out there have documents including customer information, sensitive employee information, classified company secrets, or anything else that is meant to remain private. There are people out there who use documents disposed of improperly to steal identities or secret information that can damage an individual or company.

The easiest way to avoid this situation is by utilizing a shredding service. These services will take your sensitive documents and ensure they are entirely unreadable.

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This can be done in many ways, including shredding, using ink to block out info, and recycling into different products or into a composter.

The shredding service can come directly to you to pick up the documents or shred them on-site, or the business can bring their documents to the service to be shredded on their compound. Pricing normally varies by how much needs to be shredded, often broken down into what holds the documents. Regular sizes are file boxes, bags, bins, filing cabinets, and pallets.

The shredding company should provide you with a certificate of destruction after the shredding process is complete. They will include information such as date of destruction, witnesses, location, and amount destroyed. This will allow you to rest assured that your private information does not fall into the wrong hands.

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