If you don’t work in the oil and gas production industry, you may not have heard of the term OCTG pipe before. Since the Gulf of Mexico has almost 125 oil rigs in operation, according to Billy Pugh Co., OCTG pipes are very common. Keep reading to learn what an OCTG pipe is.

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An OCTG pipe stands for Oil Country Tubular Goods. These are the tubes that are used in the gas and oil production industries. OTCG is more than just an OCTG pipe, it is also the casing and tubing.

OCTG pipes and products offer higher beam strength and resistance to bedding and settlement against impurities. In addition, easy-to-drill OCTG pipes and products are made of steel and other corrosion-resistant metals.

Oil Country Tubular Goods are safe, environment-friendly, reliable, and economically applicable. This makes the difficult job of oil drilling easier.

When it comes to pipe storage, many companies the rhino systems to easily organize and stack their pipes. These systems are very popular and are made to last.

To learn more about Oil Country Tubular Goods and their applications in the real world, watch the video above!


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