What would be the best way to become a real estate agent? Brandon Mulrenin talked about that in a recent video where he listed the things he would do if he were to start over again.

The first thing he suggested was that it would be a good idea to work with a team that specialized in outbound lead generation. The thinking behind that was that doing that would help real estate agents work on their sales skills while getting administrative support from the team. He suggested staying there until doing up to 50 deals.

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Secondly, he recommended leaving the team and going to a 100% commission brokerage. This is where the sales skills that were previously learned would be useful and it would be better to do business for yourself.

Thirdly, he thought it would be a good idea to get a coach to level up one’s growth. He stressed that it’s best to find a coach who focuses on accountability. Fourth, and last, he said to use a coach to help create the environment that helped bring success on the team. Once all those things were put into place, then he suggested hiring an assistant. These things can lead to successful real estate agents.


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