Most people know that basic fire safety is a must to keep themselves and their families safe. Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are common in many homes today. But while most people know to check their smoke alarms regularly, they are not aware that fire extinguisher testing is a thing that needs to be done. Even more advanced systems such as commercial battery operated fire alarm pull station and battery operated smoke co detectors need to be checked and tested regularly.

Working with local fire departments and local experts is a great way to ensure your home or business is properly protected from fire and smoke and other hazards. You can get the best 10 year sealed battery smoke detector system, advanced fire suppression se ups, or basic smoke and CO2 detection alarms from local fire safety service providers and monitoring companies.

So, whether you are looking for the best combination smoke carbon monoxide detector for your home or are considering and upgrade to your commercial fire alarm and sprinkler system, local fore control experts can lend a helping hand. Call them today to get started and to make sure you are protected!

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Fire protection is a requirement in any commercial building. It does not matter what type of business you do in your building, there are minimum fire alarm service requirements. However, the specific fire alarm system that you install is up to you, as the property owner. It is important to consider your fire alarm services options and understand what type of fire alarm installation is best for your commercial office.

Fire alarm system

A fire alarm system is simply a system that notifies those in the building that a fire is present somewhere. You will find some type of a fire alarm system in every commercial building. Notifying residents, employees, or customers of a fire is important. The earlier that you can inform them of danger, the quicker that they can get to safety. Most states have minimum alarm numbers, based on the size of the building. Without fire alarms, residents on the other end of the building would otherwise not be aware of the fire until much later. Work with your local fire alarm company on how many fire alarms are necessary in your building.

Fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinklers are not present in every commercial building. However, they are very effective in certain environments. These fire sprinkler systems are usually installed in places that have high risk of fire, such as cooking kitchens, industrial warehouses, and IT data centers. The combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in all buildings could reduce overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage by at least 50%. An effective fire sprinkler system requires careful placement of the sprinklers. You want them in an area that will quickly put out a high risk fire, but not in an area that is likely to falsely go off frequently. False sprinklers can cause damages if they frequently are set off.

Fire notification systems

While regular fire alarm systems notify the residents in the building of a fire, fire notification systems notify the local fire department. Although most residents will call in a fire, this can be minutes after the fire has already spread. When you have automatic fire notification systems, you are able to have assistance much quicker. In 20016 to 2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 6,240 structure fires in or on health care properties per year. Especially risky buildings, such as hospitals, should always have fire notification systems in place.

The importance of fire alarm inspections

All of these fire alarm systems are extremely effective in minimizing the damages of a fire. However, they also require regular fire alarm inspections. These inspections look for any needed fire alarm repairs. Failing to make fire alarm repairs can reduce the effectiveness of the systems. Every year, hotel and motels fires alone result in $76 million in property loss. The cause of these high fire property losses are the result of either poorly installed fire alarm systems or a need for fire alarm repairs. Ensure that all fire alarm repairs are made in a timely matter.

Fire evacuation plan

Fire alarms are a great way to tell residents to get out quickly. It is also important to notify those in the building the best way to get out safely. Fires tend to cause panic. Panic causes people to forget logical thinking patterns. Fire evacuation plans placed in each room can be helpful when a fire is present. These plans should be customized to the specific room and the nearest fire exit to that room. People can specifically follow the fire evacuation plan, based on where they are located in the building.

Fires are a risk of any commercial or residential building. Although we cannot entirely prevent them from occurring, we can take matters to reduce the damages they cause. Fire alarms inform residents of a building that a fire is present. Automatic sprinkler systems begin to put out the fire immediately. Fire notification systems quickly inform the local fire department that help is needed. Finally, evacuation plans carefully instruct people how to safely exit the building. Taking all of these alarms into mind, it is important to choose a system that works best for your type of commercial office.

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