From financial services regarding bankruptcy and debt to maritime litigation to patent disputes to partnership dissolution to even matters of environmental law, there are many cases in which a legal team proves hugely useful. For instance, cases of partnership dissolution of all kinds can benefit immensely from the presence of a court-appointed mediator.

Mediation can keep cases from going to trial, something that will save time and money (and emotional well being, for that matter) for all sides of the issue. The professional mediator is highly utilized for divorce cases, as divorce can become hugely contentious if not handled well. But through using a mediator, the duration of the divorce process, on average a year, can be shortened (or at the very least, not prolonged). Divorce will always be difficult and even painful, but taking steps towards ending it civilly, often with the help of a mediator, can be hugely beneficial.

In addition to this, mediators are commonly used in cases of personal injury litigation. As a matter of fact, no more than 5% of all personal injury cases will ever be seen before a judge and jury, meaning that the vast majority are able to be remedied with the help of mediation. And personal injury cases are quite common here in the United States, stemming from a number of different root causes. For instance, motor vehicle accidents alone make up more than half of all personal injury cases. And cases of medical malpractice account for another 15%. Issues of premises liability and product liability can also lead to a personal injury claim. But with the help of an experienced mediator, such cases will be able to be settled before a judge or jury ever must become involved.

And financial services from specialty lawyers have certainly become necessary as well. In many cases, these financial services will pertain to helping a client deal with debt. After all, as most working in the realm of financial services can attest to, debt is a very common thing indeed. As a matter of fact, there are many causes of debt, from medical debt to student loan debt to even credit card debt.

Unfortunately, as those in financial services have also likely seen, debt can all too frequently lead to filing for bankruptcy. Consulting someone in financial services about filing for bankruptcy is a must, as there are actually many different types of bankruptcy that you can file for. A professional in financial services will be able to tell you which type of bankruptcy you fit within the most. For instance, chapter 11 debtors (up to 90% of them) tend not to have more than $10 million a year in assets, liabilities, or revenues. And such debtors, in the case of small businesses, will typically not have any more than 50 total employees. Therefore, the role of financial services can help people who fit within these categories file for a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

And even outside of the legal cases discussed above, from personal injury to various issues of financial services, there are still many other very important legal cases. For instance, cases of environmental law (pollution liability, to name just one) have only grown more and more important with the passage of time. In fact, closing down just one industrial plant can save as many as 5,000 lives in a single year through lowering the rate of cardiac and pulmonary issues in the communities that surround said plant.

And environmental law has become more necessary than ever as climate change continues to advance. After all, up to one third of all counties found within the continental United States are at some level of risk for a water shortage over the course of the next few decades. In addition to this, more and more people (at least 40% of all Americans) have grown concerned about a variety of environmental issues, ranging from refrigerants to radon exposure to carbon and methane emissions. Indoor and outdoor air quality is also a concern, as too is exposure to volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, and sulfur oxides.

Here in the United States, there are many different kinds of legal cases. Fortunately, there are many legal professionals too.

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