We may live in an age of inbound marketing and search engine optimization, but your product packaging still matters a great deal. Having the right packaging is the simplest and most effective way to let your potential customers know what you do and why they should buy your product. With a little input from your graphic designer and a custom printing company, you can increase sales and brand awareness overnight.

Customers Read Labels

Nearly nine out of ten consumers report making a purchasing decision in the grocery aisle based on a product’s packaging, and another 66% read the food labels. Even if your coffee isn’t organic, you can still create a custom printed coffee bag that reiterates your commitment to simple ingredients.

Customers Buy and Share Interesting Packaging

Nearly half of all consumers are willing to share a photo of interesting packaging on social media. Likewise, companies that pay close attention to the packaging report increased sales of 30%. Note that this is true of interesting packaging. Resealable pouches and coffee bags with valves are wonderful options to offer for customers, but they don’t necessarily grab attention as much as artistic food packaging or witty mottoes. Just like the rest of your company’s advertising, your packaging should tell a story. When your customer picks up one of your printed coffee bags in the breakfast aisle, they should instantly know what your company is about.

Increased Brand Identity

Finally, investing in custom printed coffee bags (or pet food packaging, or protein powder bags, or spice packaging…) allows you to build an easily-recognizable brand identity. It helps customers find your product on the shelf; it looks attractive sitting on their kitchen counter. It’s a larger version of your logo and business card. Brands like Apple and Starbucks have achieved success in part from having a distinctive packaging and imagery that sets them apart from the pack. What’s yours?

Be sure to work with a custom printing company that is able to execute high quality designs in bulk. Working with coffee shop supplier who can provide the right size, cut, print, and feel can help make your marketing vision a reality.

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