If you work in higher education admissions you likely work in a highly competitive environment and, of course, the main goal is to increase enrollment wherever possible. You’re surely already using a Student Information System (SIS) to organize and keep track of the enrollment process. This kind of system can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The great thing is that there is an option for making life easier. The best CRM for universities can make all the difference.

CRM stands for constituent relationship management, which is an easy-to-implement tool that integrates your existing SIS to streamline the process.

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Luckily CSM actually automates many things that you are currently doing manually. This eliminates the large number of applications that you have to process and will free up time for the important decisions that need to be made by the admission officers themselves. This system allows you to prioritize high values tasks over data entry.

For example, if you are sending letters out to students it can become a very complicated process because there will be different kinds of letters for different students, such as acceptance letters, conditional offers, missing information requests, refusal letters, and so on. This can be overwhelming for an admissions office to keep up with. A CRM system will automatically check and confirm student information, and trigger an acceptance email, which means the employees won’t need to intervene.

You’ll want to research the best CRM for universities to find out more!

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