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If you live in an apartment building or have debit and credit cards through a bank, you?ve probably become aware of the option for electronic billion instead of using print and mailing services. Your bank notifies you periodically to remind you the option exists to do electronic billing instead of using their print services for bills. Your apartment complex offers something similar. There?s no need to print out bills, write out checks and use mailing services when the option to simply pay for all your bills online exists.

So, why should you take advantage of these online billing options rather than using print and mailing services? Keep reading to find out why this is beneficial, not only to you, but to other parties involved, including the environment.

1. Easier tracking for bills

When you pay bills like your monthly credit card statements or monthly apartment expenses online, it?s generally easier for every party involved. It?s simpler to expense track, so it offers the chance to save some money. Additionally, it offers a quicker and easier way for consumers to communicate with billers if you choose to use electronic billing instead of print mailing services. Instead of trying to get ahold of billers over the phone or in person, you can reach out electronically via chats and emails. After switching to electronic communication, 25 percent of customers stated their relationship had improved with their billers.

2. Quicker pay for bills

When you pay online rather than through mailing services, it is also generally quicker. You can pay whenever you remember. You can set up monthly reminders for yourself, as well, rather than waiting on the bill to actually arrive in the mail. Additionally, money can be extracted from your accounts to pay for the bills automatically. There isn?t a long turnaround time for the billers to receive the payment and then deposit it. Statistics show that when customers can pay online, half pay sooner than when the bill would arrive via mail.

3. Better for the environment

Without question, online bill pay is better for the environment than traditional paper billing and mailing services. Not only will you get rid of costs for things like equipment, maintenance, toner and ink for printing bills and paying them, but also you?ll cut down on overall use of paper each month. This adds up more than you think it might. In America alone we could save 151 million pounds of paper if only 20 percent of households transitioned to electronic bill pay from traditional paper billing and mailing services.

Next time you prepare to start paying all your monthly bills, look for the option to switch to paperless bill pay. You?ll appreciate the ease of online bill pay, and you?ll help support the environment by cutting back on materials like paper each month and each year. Have you switched to online pay bill already? Let us know in the comments what your experience with online payments is in comparison to traditional paper billing services.

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