Vernon hills signs

Signs are part of our culture. The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on the Vegas strip, erected in 1959, is part of the American cannon. For Northern Illinois businesses, Vernon Hills signs can attract the eye and increase revenue, just by being part of the culture. After all, in a highly visual American culture, Vernon Hills signs can attract customers when other things will not do.

Signs, like Vernon Hills signs and Grayslake signs, are meant to both convey information and attract the eye. Ancient Egyptians used signs with hieroglyphics on tombs and sacred structures, which were undoubtedly eye catching. In medieval England, so called pub signs proliferated after King Richard II passed a 1393 act requiring all alehouses to have a sign. As many alehouse keepers at the time were illiterate, they substituted pictures for words.

Modern Vernon hills signs come in four varieties. These varieties are information, direction, identification, and safety and regulation. Of the four Vernon Hills signs varieties, safety and regulation are the most standardized. The other three sign types can be customized to fit the needs of the client.

A famous example of good signage, like Vernon Hills signs, is the Chicago CTA. All stations on the L train are lettered in Helvetica with bold white typeface. Graphic designers determined that Helvetica script is the most legible to those who are visually impaired, and found a typeface that can appear in both dark underground stations and above ground stations in all weather. The same logic is used on the Washington metro.

A subset of Vernon Hills signs are interior signs. These signs can be used for logo identification and directories, but can also include lobby information, directions, and more. Good signage hear can convey the type of message a business wants to see.

Whether a business wants Gurnee signs, Mundelein signs, or just signs for any business or office, signs are part of the culture. Good Vernon Hills signs can convey information rapidly, and also function as advertisements. In a highly visual culture, advertising whenever available is important.

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