Marketing signs are an excellent way to boost your company’s presence. Most people don’t know about your business without your signs.

It is essential to make sure your signs are effective, and they should attract attention well. Since most people are turning a blind eye to traditional signs, programmable LED signage becomes even more important.

Recent studies show that 71% of people often look at roadside billboards’ messages (traditional and digital combined). However, you’ll get your message to stick in people’s minds if you use a digital sign. The bright lights and colors are more noticeable compared to traditional signs.

While an attractive design can help capture attention, you need to show critical information quickly.

The following suggestions will help you maximize the effectiveness of your LED signs.

How to Communicate Better with LED Signs

Regardless of what you decide to display on your programmable LED signage, these guidelines can help you convey your message more effectively:

  • A call to action prompts those who see your sign to take the action you desire. If you own a spa center, you can tell them to relax by using your services.
  • Use the ease of updating your LED signs. The dynamic nature of this digital sign allows you to change what is written based on the time of day. Restaurant owners can show their breakfast menu in the morning, then switch it to their lunch menu at noon. They can even show what they have for happy hour in the evening.
  • Programmable LED signage can display what’s written. However, if you’re using it for drivers and passersby, you should not enable scrolling. Use short and clear messages that drivers can read in a quick glance.
  • While you want to make a bold point in your message, all capital letters make them unreadable. Use proper capitalization to make them easy to read.
  • Choose a font that’s easy to read. The simpler the fonts are, the faster passersby will be able to read them. So you should avoid fancy fonts at all costs.

Follow these guidelines to make your message concise and clear. The programmable LED will draw attention and customers.

Best Practices for LED Signs

Don’t squander your attention-grabbing LED signage by displaying irrelevant content. Make the most of your signage to show customers information that will make them come back.

Announce Events

Signage helps you communicate your commitment to your customers by announcing events. Whether you’re sponsoring a sports event or medical relief mission, informing your consumers about it can help you retain their loyalty to your brand or business.

Display Business Hours

Use your programmable LED signage to display your hours of business. Aside from showing your regular business hours, it offers the flexibility if you need to change the schedule. Take advantage of the speed in changing the display faster in situations when you need to modify your schedule, and works well for displaying special hours too.

Promote Sales and Deals

Outdoor LED signs can be used to show the special deals your business has. You can grab attention well with the bright and colorful display. You can use a slideshow of your best products, offering customers key information without overwhelming them.

Promote Your Best Product or Service

By showcasing what you are proud of, you’re also showing what your company is all about. Consumers will tend to buy your products or services because other customers already love them.

Display New Items

Your digital signage programmable LED screen is capable of showing any new items and services in an effective manner. You’ll be able to ensure that these new offerings will receive the attention they deserve. Adding new items to the slideshow is fast and quick, since this digital sign is easy to customize.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Use your programmable LED signage to let people know about your business achievements. This will boost your company’s image. Showcasing that you’ve won awards or recognition allows both your existing and potential customers to know how reputable your business is.

Use LED Signs to Promote an Effective Business Presence

Follow these tips and improve your success with the use of your LED sign technology. Take advantage of the attention-grabbing feature available with programmable LED signs. You’ll not only showcase a better company image to your customers, but we’ll boost your business as well.

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