The tiny house movement is a wonderful development that emphasizes the need to preserve our environment, reduce waste, and minimize our carbon footprint. The movement has become so popular that about 15% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 say they definitely would live in a tiny house. A further 19% of those surveyed said that they would give serious consideration to the idea of living in a tiny house. The average tiny home in the United States, according to Custom Made, is between 100 square feet and 400 square feet, and these sizes highlight one of the few issues with your little home: moving your tiny house. For most people, getting a logistics transport company to do your tiny house hauling just makes good sense.

  • Why do tiny houses need to be moved at all?

    The American Tiny House Association reports that about half of people who own a tiny house keep it in an RV park, on land that belongs to somebody else, or in some kind of community setting. Contrary to we might expect, only 13% keep their tiny house on land that they actually own themselves. This means the possibility a tiny house owner having to move their home is always on the table.

  • Why not to move your tiny house by yourself? After all, one of the draws of the tiny house should be the freedom to hitch it up to the back of your giant pickup truck and drive it off without the help of the logistics transport company, right? In reality, everyone who has spent all the hours and money it costs to build their tiny dream home knows just how nerve-racking it can be to consider moving a tiny house. If you have no experience in tiny house transport, it’s incredibly daunting to know that your entire home and everything that you have invested in it is resting on your ability to haul it safely.
  • Isn’t moving a tiny house the same as pulling anything else on the trailer? Even people with a lot of experience in towing trailers and other smaller items find it difficult and concerning to try to move their own tiny house. Weight distribution, for example, is only one of many serious concerns when it comes to pulling something as long and as heavy as a tiny house. Another great stress for someone trying to move their tiny house is traffic, and whether they know the roads well enough to get from point A to point B without running into any obstacles the house cannot pass through.
  • A professional logistics transport company is the safest way to protect your home. Transport professionals know everything there is to know about safely moving large, heavy, and bulky items. Tiny house transportation services can offer door-to-door delivery service, and these are people experienced in heavy equipment logistics, large boat transport, and moving all types of enormous items that must arrive at their destination safely. A logistics transport company will also be insured, so any damage that occurs along the way can be fixed without costing you money. These are the people you want moving your tiny house.
  • How do I prepare my tiny house for the logistics transport company? The first item of business is to remove any portable deck or other add-on item that you have attached to your tiny house. If your tiny house has been in one location for quite a long time, you might also find that you need to trim some trees or some bushes so the tiny house can make it back through. Everything inside the tiny house needs to be secured so that nothing is damaged in transport. It’s always a smart idea to keep your really important personal effects with you, as well. This would be items like your computer, valuable documents, ID, and basically anything else that you would want to rescue if there was a fire.

Your tiny house is just as big an investment of your time and love as the biggest mansion. If you need to move it, make sure you call professionals who can do it right.

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