Unless you have experienced it, many business owners aren’t sure how to restructure their business or take part in a business turnaround.  These situations can be difficult for those that have never gone through it before and most turn to business turnaround consulting experts to maneuver the process. This video will explain each business concept to help business owners determine if taking this step is worth it and how it can help a business become more profitable.

Restructuring a Business

Some businesses that are underperforming may consider a corporate restructuring. This often occurs when a corporation considers changing its capital base to reduce an economic burden.

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It can give businesses a new start in several ways.

According to TheBalanceMoney.com, every business has an archetypal structure to determine how the organization will function to achieve its financial goals. Most restructuring occurs to control or reverse debt or help the business owner after they have filed Chapter 11. It is a way for the company to take steps to reduce debt. Some tactics may include:

  • Reviewing all current holdings. In many cases, the company can sell some of their holdings and assets.
  • Buyers find these purchases attractive as they can go through with the sale without many of the liabilities found in other purchases.
  • Restructuring a business means the debtor can avoid certain legal contracts if they cannot meet the obligation. If this is the case the contractor will need to renegotiate the deal or take a loss.
  • When the company has been in bankruptcy, restructuring can receive special financing, which can lead to new investors with low liability.

In short, a restructuring is a turnaround phase designed to take the company out of the red and turn it into a profitable entity.

Business Turnaround

A business turnaround is the time when a company needs to change things because it is not performing as well as expected. According to Investopedia.com, there are many different types of turnarounds. It may mean the recovery of a nation by developing a plan to change the effects of a recession. Individual turnarounds may occur when an individual decides to change jobs, update budgets, or change activities to put themselves in a better financial situation.A turnaround can be considered:

  • A period of time to change in an organization’s economic stability.
  • Turnarounds mark a time when the company is working to bring stability to the organization and enhance the outlook for the future.

No matter where your business is at in its growth plan, if things aren’t going as well as anticipated, it may be time to put the company into turnaround mode and take the steps to improve the outlook with a restructuring.


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