Professional commercial cleaning

Businessowners go to great lengths to keep their place of business as safe as possible. They install modern video cameras, regularly check their locks and always take threats of violence seriously. However, one of the most common threats is also the most easily overlooked — everyday bacteria, chemicals and airborne contaminants. Indoor spaces are often more dirty than outdoor spaces, creating a breathing environment that can make employees and customers sick if not routinely cleaned. Professional cleaners work night and day to cultivate the healthiest work space or establishment possible, allowing people to do what they do best without fear of illness.


Did you know the average desk is home to more than 10 million bacteria? The most commonly used items in any given space are also the most likely to suffer from the highest rate of contamination, making professional cleaning services a must-have to keep workers from getting sick. The average keyboard, chair and computer mouse will harbor as many as 21,000 germs per square inch at any given time. Work desks even have more germs than the average office toilet.


The build-up of bacteria can lead to unchecked viruses. Flu viruses have been found to survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours at a time, with desks, phones and keyboards some of the biggest perpetrators of spreading common illnesses. One out of three people will still attempt to go to work when they’re sick, to boot, increasing the rates of employees spreading the common cold or the flu to others. According to a National Health Interview Survey, influenza alone has been responsible for more than 200 million days of diminished productivity as well as 75 million days of extended work absence.


Trash, be it paper or food build-up, can lead to the development of bacteria. Professional cleaners make sure to cover all the necessary basics to keep a given space as clean as possible, that of which includes eliminating trash and crumbs. Emptying the trash as well as light cleaning, such as dusting and vacuuming, in a small office space can add up to $20 or $30 per visit. Additional facilities, such as restrooms and storage spaces, will also be assessed and improved over time. Cleaning up construction sites can start as low as $150 and as high as $950, according to HomeAdvisor, and the money you’ll save in the long run far outweighs the initial price.

Hiring Commercial Cleaners

With sick days chewing into a business’ financial figures and negatively impacting employees’ health, it’s imperative to give your local professional cleaners a call. More and more cleaning services are emphasizing a green approach to cleaning out office space and establishments, making sure that they don’t simply replace bacteria and viruses with harmful chemicals. When even a small elevator button can harbor millions of germs, counteracting these patterns will help everyone up and down the ladder. Look up your professional cleaners and see how you can’t have them come in on a regular basis from here on out.

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