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4 Reasons to Thank a Street Sweeper

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 14th, 2016. Posted in Maryland sweeping service, Parking lot clean up, Trash clean up

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There are some things in this life that we take for granted. Things like grocery stores, parks, library access, nice weather and more; we don’t even really think about them. Until we don’t have them or can’t get to them of course. Another thing we we really don’t think much about are street cleaners. Parking lot cleaners, those that do the power sweeping and the trash clean up, those that drive street sweeper trucks, we tend to forget about them. We take our clean streets for granted. When is the last time you were driving down the road feeling grateful for power sweeping. We have much more on our minds but maybe we sho

Bremerton Resident Learns the Hard Way Who’s Responsible for City Sewer Lines Leading Off Property

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 14th, 2016. Posted in Sewer and drain replacement mechanicsville, Sewer camera inspection richmond va, Sewer repair richmond va

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Who?s responsible for sewer lines? In Bremerton, Washington, resident Chuck Baker noticed that a sewer line extending off his property had started to clog. He assumed that the city would take care of it — the pipes, after all, weren?t on his property.

On Your Property? Too Bad

Not so, according to recent changes to the city?s code. Instead, Baker was on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of repairs. The code had been updated so that all pipes extending off a homeowner?s property were effectively ?theirs,? even if the pipe itself was on city property. Baker took the issue up with the city council who approved the bill, as well as the mayor.

While mayor Patty Lent had sympathy for his plight, she draws the line at seeing it as the city?s responsibility since the line?s ?s