UPDATED 12/4/2020

Who’s responsible for sewer lines? In Bremerton, Washington, resident Chuck Baker noticed that a sewer line extending off his property had started to clog. He assumed that the city would take care of it — the pipes, after all, weren’t on his property.

On Your Property? Too Bad

Not so, according to recent changes to the city’s code. Instead, Baker was on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of repairs. The code had been updated so that all pipes extending off a homeowner’s property were effectively theirs, even if the pipe itself was on city property. Baker took the issue up with the city council who approved the bill, as well as the mayor.

While mayor Patty Lent had sympathy for his plight, she draws the line at seeing it as the city’s responsibility since the line’s sole purpose is to service their property,? making it a shared responsibility rather than the city’s alone. Subsequently, the city has offered to meet homeowners like Baker halfway, paying for about half of the replacement.

If it Happens to You…

If it comes time to switch out your sewer pipes, exactly what sort of options do you have? Traditional options involve tearing up a lot of your yard — something many homeowners may not want, especially if they’ve invested in their landscaping. It can cost hundreds of dollars to fix up a yard after it’s been bulldozed.

For this reason, cured in place pipes (CIPP) are becoming more popular as an option thanks to trenchless pipe repair technology. Rather than digging up the entire sewer line, this pipe can be inserted through a small opening. It’s jointless, seamless, and has a 50-year design life. While it may cost more than conventional digging, it cuts out the need for restorative work after the fact. CIPP liners continue to capture the interest of the American market, now accounting for about 50% of sewer restorative work.

Whether your pipes are simply old, or you have clogging and drain cleaning issues with city lines like Chuck Baker, make sure you understand all the options available. This way, you can make an education about what is best for your yard, your budget, and the future of your home as well!

Where to pay your sewer bill

sewer services

Where can I pay my sewer bill? This is a question that most people tend to ask. You can pay your bills to the bodies responsible for city sewers. Their water and sewer customer service phone number is always open for the public to call at any time. For instance, if you notice a problem with a sewer line, you can call this number and have them repair the problem as soon as possible. If a sewer leak is left unattended, it can cause negative impacts on the people and the environment. This is why you need sewer services to ensure that sewers are in good condition at any given time.

If there is a leak, you will need drain and sewer specialists. These people have enough knowledge regarding sewers and, therefore, will repair any damage within the shortest time. A lot of people tend to seek sewer repair services when the damage is already extreme. However, it is advisable for people to seek help immediately they notice a little leak. Also, the repair ought to be done by a specialist to avoid causing more damage. You can create a water and sewer new account to make it easy for you to pay your water and sewer bills.

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