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The Importance of Over the Counter Medication Labels

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 17th, 2016. Posted in Clinical storage, Comparator sourcing, Pharmaceutical track and trace

Blister packaging

Have you ever made a trip to the local pharmacy to get medication for your headache or your allergies? You were led to the over the counter medication aisle and you were immediately overwhelmed with all of the available options. There were probably so many options that you didn?t even know where to begin to look. You start picking up packages, probably based on the price, with the cheapest ones being first. You quickly scan the products, looking for what they claim that they can do for you. You probably end up choosing the one that is the cheapest that provides relief for the symptoms that you are having. The point here is that the design of the packaging matters.

When you are faced, as a consumer with multiple options, you are going to gravitate to the most visually appealing packaging products. This c