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The Importance of Over the Counter Medication Labels

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 17th, 2016. Posted in Clinical storage, Comparator sourcing, Pharmaceutical track and trace

Blister packaging

Have you ever made a trip to the local pharmacy to get medication for your headache or your allergies? You were led to the over the counter medication aisle and you were immediately overwhelmed with all of the available options. There were probably so many options that you didn?t even know where to begin to look. You start picking up packages, probably based on the price, with the cheapest ones being first. You quickly scan the products, looking for what they claim that they can do for you. You probably end up choosing the one that is the cheapest that provides relief for the symptoms that you are having. The point here is that the design of the packaging matters.

When you are faced, as a consumer with multiple options, you are going to gravitate to the most visually appealing packaging products. This c

Four Things That Great Payment Processing Services Offer

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 16th, 2016. Posted in Credit card payment services, Merchant payment processing, Protection

Secure payment solutions

If you run a business, you know how important it is to have a secure payment processing system. Even if you run a brick and mortar shop and do not do any business over the internet, almost none of your clients carry cash; most of your compensation will be received via credit card. In order to stay afloat, using a payment processing service that is reliable and secure is not optional. When looking for secure payment solutions, here are a few important factors to look for:

  1. Reliability
    There is no greater buzzkill for a client who is trying to give you their good, spendable money than to be told your payme

How to Protect Your Business From Fire

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 13th, 2016. Posted in Fire alarm repair tampa, Fire alarm systems atlanta, Fire alarm testing tampa

Commercial fire sprinkler system

A fire is a frightening prospect for any business. Hotels and motels experience fires every year, resulting in 15 deaths and over 150 injuries annually and causing more than $76 million in property damage and loss. Healthcare properties, too, can be hot hard by fires. Between 2006 and 2010 about 6,240 structure fires at healthcare properties were reported, according to U.S. fire departments. More than half of all high-rise fires occur in four property classes, namely apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick. Higher average property losses per fire tend to be higher in warehouse fires, but injury rates per 1,000 fires tends to be lower. Regardless of what type of property you own, protecting it against fire is vital.

Having a fire sprinkler system is really one o

The Secret to Successful Sales Recruiting Why Every Business Owner Needs to Work With Sales Recruiters

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 9th, 2016. Posted in A career in sales, Sales recruitment firm, Sales reps

Hire great sales people

Investing is part of owning and operating a successful, lucrative, and efficient business. And the largest investment a business owner can make is hiring the right kind of employees; employees that are driven and dedicated to getting the job done right! However this is often easier said than done. A high turnover rate at any business, regardless of industry, is not only frustrating but it also costs a lot the employer a lot of time and money. And after all, time is money, right? Right! So as an employer, why waste time trying to find the right kind of employees to sell your product or service when you could hire sales recruiters to find the best sales people for hire for you?

Here are just some of the benefits of using sales recruiters to find and hire great sales people for you.


How To Hire The Perfect Sales Person

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 8th, 2016. Posted in A career in sales, Recruitment agency, Types of sales jobs

Best sales jobs

Sales jobs can be tricky. Hiring the right person might seem at first glance like an easy thing to do, but it can be deceptively difficult. The initial interview with your candidate might give you the impression that she is outgoing and extremely congenial., and that she may be. But how does she handle rejection? Can she close the deal at the end of the day? How can you know?

One place you might turn to as you cast out your net for the best sales people is a sales headhunter. These people are sales recruiters and know what it takes to find just the right person for the job. A sales career doesn’t happen overnight. A sales person worth his salt will have

Want to Move to the Cloud? Consider These 5 Tips

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 4th, 2016. Posted in Cloud security and compliance, Cloud service broker companies, Government cloud services provider

Cloud solutions

Everyone seems to be talking about the cloud these days. If you are in information technology (IT), you may be considering moving your company’s data and processes there. You might want to know that the global market for this kind of computing is expected to reach nearly $80 billion by 2018. The federal government is switching to the cloud for its IT services to reduce expenses for its data center infrastructure. The move is expected to save about 30%. Nearly 60% of all larger companies use the cloud for its data storage to help enhance coordination between their operations and development departments. With all of this cloud computing going on, cloud services brokers are busy!

Tips to Get You Started Working on the Cloud:

  1. Find your data. Many companies

Stainless Steel Strapping What Makes It A Top Product

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 2nd, 2016. Posted in Galvanized, Galvanized steel banding

Galvanized steel

When it comes to manufacturing and packaging, perhaps the most important concern is safety. Whatever the supplies involved — whether they’re tools or softgoods, or any other boxed item — the worst case scenario is them breaking. There needs to be a way to keep these products secure. They have to be prevented from rattling around, the process of which can cause a product to break within its box. The best way to prevent this kind of problem is through strapping — and better yet, through stainless steel strapping. There are many reasons why stainless steel strapping is a more effective binding than any other. But much remains unknown about this kind of binding. In fact, we don’t know a lot about steel, period; or at lea