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Four Signs Your Water Supply is Contaminated

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 28th, 2017. Posted in Resistivity monitor, Water resistivity monitor

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Water is vital to the survival of people all over the world. One major problem is that not every place in the world has access to clean water. Unclean water is commonly referred to as being contaminated. Research shows that 2 million tons of sewage material and waste enter the world’s waters each day. Keeping water supplies clean must be done with specified testing systems. In this article, you will learn the dangers of contaminated water and how companies are able to treat this situation.

Signs a Water Supply is Contaminated

It is important to realize that only extreme water contamination will be visible to the naked eye. In many cases, people do not know they are consuming contaminated water until they become ill. Knowing the signs of potentially contaminated water will help keep you safe.