Water quality kits

Water is vital to the survival of people all over the world. One major problem is that not every place in the world has access to clean water. Unclean water is commonly referred to as being contaminated. Research shows that 2 million tons of sewage material and waste enter the world’s waters each day. Keeping water supplies clean must be done with specified testing systems. In this article, you will learn the dangers of contaminated water and how companies are able to treat this situation.

Signs a Water Supply is Contaminated

It is important to realize that only extreme water contamination will be visible to the naked eye. In many cases, people do not know they are consuming contaminated water until they become ill. Knowing the signs of potentially contaminated water will help keep you safe. Water quality testing kits are vital to implement quickly.

  • Water Smells like Chlorine: The chemical known as chlorine is commonly used to clean water supplies in swimming pools. Having trace amounts of chlorine in public drinking water is considered normal. These small amounts are generally safe to consume. However, there may have been an error at the local water supply that causes too much chlorine to be released into the drinking water supply.
  • Water Appears Cloudy: This particular problem is often confused with having hard water. Hard water means that more minerals are found within the water. However, hard water isn’t always a sign of extreme water contamination, as many homes have hard water. Contaminated water will appear noticeably cloudy.
  • Discolored Water: One of the most common ways to spot dirty water is through its color. As you know, water is supposed to appear clear. Having water that appears brown or yellow in color is not liquid you want to use for anything within your home. It is best to discontinue using water until you know the water supply has been accurately fixed.
  • Water Appears Oily: Oil is known to leave a residue on almost any material it comes into contact with. Water that contains oil will appear to have a multicolored film on top of it. This film will appear when holding the water under the light. A helpful hint to look for is if your water looks more like bubble blowing solution than clear water.
  • Types of Water Treatment Systems

    The primary way companies assess their water is through using water quality testing kits. These kits provide companies with accurate information regarding the content of their water. One popular type of water quality kits are test strips. These strips are an easy and quick way to receive an accurate reading of your water supply.

    Water testing kits are made to be used within the home or a business. Water quality testing kits for business may need to be made to accompany a larger water supply. There are water testing solutions available that are used to measure and adjust treatment levels. Areas out in the country benefit from using well water test kits, especially if well water is used for human consumption.

    Use of water quality testing kits is essential to keep a water supply in optimal condition. Research shows that about 3.1 percent of all death worldwide are caused by unsafe water. Contaminated water affects how a community drinks and stays sanitary. Unsanitary conditions can result in dangerous environments for human to be in. Nearly 2.5 billion people on the planet live without optimally sanitized water with 70 percent living in Asia. A fresh water test kit is suitable for public water testing.

    In summary, contaminated water is something that has several signs associated with it. Water that is contaminated often smells different. A chlorine or sulfur smell in your water is a sign that contamination may have occurred. Appearance is the next thing to look at when viewing harmful water. Cloudy or discolored water is often a sign that you might have water that has been contaminated. There are many special methods that will test and treat dangerous water supplies. Testing strips are an easy water quality testing solution to implement. Companies are available that can come out and ensure your water supply is back to normal as soon as possible.

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