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Reasons to Consider a Holistic Approach to HCM

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 26th, 2017. Posted in Compensation management, Hr solution, Hr technology

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Employee retention and human resource management (HCM) are two very important parts of any business, big or small. Keeping workers happy and engaged can be a challenging task. Part of that, but not all, is balancing your employee benefits packages. To hold on to workers and keep things moving well, more and more companies are seeing the benefit to moving to a more holistic approach to dealing with human resources (HR) and compensation management systems.

HR Drive looked at the move behind such a shift in how companies work across H

Construction Site Cleaning Why More Is Safer

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 26th, 2017. Posted in Janitorial cleaning services, Post construction clean up, Post construction clean up in delaware

Post construction clean up in delaware

Did you know that many people consider their keyboards to have way more germs than toilet seats? Did you know that workplace environments are some of the most hazardous when it comes to physical health? Did you know that those shared workspaces–desks, elevators, counters–have millions of germs, many of them harmful?

Those may not surprise you. It stands to reason that when any number of people share a space, whether at home or at the job, there is a likelihood that germs will spread quickly, especially in the common areas. Unfortunately, that does not make it any easier to work in that environment, especially if you are someone who is prone to sickness.

Here are some of the ugly statistics surrounding germ-filled workplaces:

  • On average, office phones have over 25,00