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Signs Sell The Importance of Visually Appealing Signage

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 27th, 2018. Posted in Bakery signs, Glass door signs, Metal display signs

Signs Sell: The Importance of Visually Appealing Signage

On average, consumers are exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day. If these ads are successful, a consumer will decide on a brand or it’s competitor within 3 to 7 seconds. From deli signage to welcome signs, what a consumer sees can determine what they buy and who they purchase it from.

The Impact of Visual in Advertising

One goal for many advertisers is to catch the consumers attention. Attention is time, and time is an opportunity; an opportunity to get the sale. It’s more than just words and products when it comes to advertisements, Understanding every aspect of the product, including the intended audiences and visual appearance, is crucial to making a profit, which is why advertisers sometimes employ psychologists and sociologists to build their brands.

Between 6 and 10 purchases in a store can be classified as impulse purchases. According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unpl

Vaccines Save Millions Of Lives How To Make Sure Your Medical Refrigerator Freezer Is Always Secure

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 27th, 2018. Posted in Pharmacy grade refrigerator, Undercounter lab refrigerator, Undercounter medical refrigerator

The need for efficient medical technology only grows greater by the day.

With previously dormant diseases make themselves known again and more people than ever struggling with easily preventable illnesses, it’s up to medical ingenuity and effective tools to make sure everyone is covered. The medical refrigerator freezer is a staple in all pharmaceutical and emergency room settings, keeping equipment from spoiling by maintaining a careful temperature at all times. Even a minor drop in its settings can put patients in danger. It’s time to take another look at your vaccine refrigerator freezer and make sure it’s prepared for the road ahead.

What should you know about the average pharmacy grade refrigerator?

Despite our best medical advances we are still facing multiple viral outbreaks. Vaccines are designed to provide the body with the resources it needs to protec