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From Roads To Dams, LiDAR Can Help Fix Our Infrastructure

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 24th, 2019. Posted in Building development, Civil engineering company in panama, Engineering firms florida

It seems that the call for civil engineer services has never been louder than now. Much of what Americans rely on by the hour are, can, or will, deteriorate. Bridges are taking a hit with more than 25 percent needing immediate repairs in the United States and since they are handling more traffic than they were designed to carry, this can lead to damage, injury and even death. The American Society of Civil Engineers have made the decision to make over 4,000 dams unsafe, with more than a third of dams experiencing failures and near failures since 1874 have been occuring in just the last decade.

Not just bridges and dams, but over a third of roads in poor state in America, water systems, sewage treatment, tunnels, airports and buildings; without the services provided by civil engineers, many of those will see degradation and eventual collapse. One of the many tools in a civil engi

Why Fire Prevention Systems Matter

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 24th, 2019. Posted in Commercial fire protection services, Fire sprinkler installation, Fire sprinkler installations

Far too many people underestimate the dangers of a fire, but there is no denying the fact that fires are hugely frightening things. In fact, fires can lead to a great deal of damage to people and property alone – and can even, in the most tragic of circumstances but more easily than one might think – result in the loss of life. This can be seen in the data that has been gathered on the subject, particularly in places where fires are prone to breaking out.

Hotel and motel sites, for instance, experience rates of fires higher than many other establishments throughout the country. In fact, such fires lead to as many as 15 deaths over the course of just one year. Unfortunately, as many as 150 injuries are also sustained. And while the people who fall into the latter category have not lost their lives, burn injuries are incredibly agonizing, and can be difficult to live with and take a very long time to fully recover from.

And in addition to the toll that hotel and motel fires tak