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What NOT to Do When Planning a Funeral

Written by Small Business Magazine on July 18th, 2019. Posted in Uncategorized

With more than two million people dying in the U.S. each year, funeral planning is something many people are tasked with. But just because it’s common, that doesn’t mean planning a funeral is easy. In fact, funeral planning can be an extremely difficult thing to do. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of a few things you should not do when planning a funeral to help get you started.

Failing to express concerns: Planning a funeral is not an easy task, especially when it’s for a loved one. So while you’re meeting with funeral directors, figuring out details, and setting a budget, don’t be afraid to express concerns, ask questions, and even ask for advice. When you work with an experienced funeral director, you should feel comfortable to ask questions about planning a funeral or memorial service. This way, you can ensure you’re making the best choices possible.

Focusing too much on cost: While it’s true that cost is an important factor regarding funeral planning, it shouldn’t be the only consideration. You should come up with a budget and work with your funeral director to choose options that fit within it. But if there are other details you want to add, don’t feel like you can’t — remember, a funeral or memorial service is for both the deceased and the funeral attendees. Also, if you want to plan ahead, planning your own funeral can save money and remove the financial burden.

Forgetting the small details: One thing many people forget is that funerals can be customized and created specifically to remember the deceased. This means small details can be added that will truly help loved ones remember the deceased. Maybe the deceased loved art and you can hang some of their favorite pieces or if they loved music you can play their favorite songs. These small details can make a big difference when it comes to truly customizing a funeral.

There is no right or wrong way to plan a funeral, but avoiding these mistakes can help make the process easier. So keep these tips in mind to give yourself some help when it comes to funeral planning.

Six Necessary Tools Every Locksmith Should Have

Written by Small Business Magazine on July 16th, 2019. Posted in Uncategorized

The security manufacturers have continued to improve padlocks by making them safer for your use. Locksmiths are thus forced to use more than auto jiggler, key extractors, and key cutters to perform their duties. The oldest known locks are roughly 4,000 years old and were made by Egyptians. They were typically large wooden bolts to secure doors. Check out the tools for locksmiths list that are essential for any locksmith.

  • Power cordless drill: There are various tools for locksmiths available, but a power drill is a must-have. It comes in handy when you have a lockout scenario, during installations, maintenance, and safe works among other locksmiths’ jobs. You can use your drills to bore holes where you plan to install new locks, use it to remove screws very quickly, and drill into a safe if you need to. Remember to invest in power and to have the necessary drill bits.
  • Laser key cutter and duplicator: Twenty years ago, you needed to have one machine, and you could cut through any key. But the automation of keys to high-security keys has come with new milling machines. These keys include Tibbe keys, barrel keys, and Dimple keys which require different machines. Today, you can find machines that can handle all these keys, except machines designed to cut high-security keys. However, these machines will come in handy when you need to cut car keys and padlock keys.
  • Car key programming equipment: One of the significant challenges people face includes broken keys. But once a locksmith has successfully used their car lock pick, they need to extract the keys from the lock. All this requires skills and tact if you are to do it successfully. Once you are done, you need to make a duplicate and program the key so it will continue to turn and run and the car. Without proper programming, the car will stop after a few seconds.
  • Angle grinder: Sometimes you will meet with a stubborn padlock that won’t open whether you use an electric lock pick or jiggler keys. Some of the world’s best padlocks fall under this category. An angle grinder becomes extremely an extremely important tool to have. Nothing will stand up against this beast, whether you will be dealing with a lock, hasp, or chain. The angle grinder will go through them all. However, this is usually used as a quick fix when bolt cutters and picking the lock does not work. An angle grinder uses less effort than the most sophisticated bolt cutters and will come in handy when you need to get things done quickly.
  • A vice: Some of the situations locksmiths are called to handle include locks that don’t have keys. When gathering your tolls for locksmiths’ job, be sure to remember a vice. A vice comes in handy in holding the key while it is being shaped. You can get a smaller vice that is portable if you take out of office gigs, but you need to have a beefy one for your shop. We have to warn you though, stay clear of vices that are flimsy, especially the ones that use a ball joint. These types of vices hardly stay in position, which makes your work more difficult than it should be.
  • A portable wet and dry vacuum: A lot of people may not see the need for a vacuum, but it’s one of the most essential tools for locksmiths. When drilling at your shop or a client’ home, you need a way to clean the mess you will make. You will also need a vacuum to clean up once you are done servicing someone’s security. You only need a small dry and well vacuum to pick up after yourself in any environment and to clear any residue. You don’t have to sweep things up and try to find a place to place the residue when working with a vacuum.

Tools for locksmiths are an essential part of their jobs if they are to perform their duties. But having the tools is only one side of the coin. You must also have the necessary skills to pick, install, and maintain locks.

Important Factors Involved In Compressor Oil Analysis

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A wide variety of fleet and industrial applications rely on the power of compressed air. The compressors themselves are mechanical devices that increase pressure on a liquid and then move it through a mechanical system. Air compressors achieve this increase in pressure by taking in a large volume of air and compressing it to a significantly smaller volume.


In order to do this job effectively, compressors must use oil. The quality of this oil needs to be top-notch, so compressor oil analysis is essential for any business that uses compressors. Discover what factors this type of analysis looks at and you will better understand what standard you need to reach for your compressor oil.

  • Viscosity: About 89% of surveyed lubrication professionals consider the viscosity index of oil when selecting a lubricant, but this quality is also important when you conduct an oil analysis. As a measure of the fluid’s resistance to flow, a stable viscosity indicates that nothing is amiss with the lubricant.


  • pH: This is one of the most important qualities of compressor oil. A lubricant’s pH measures the relative strength of the acids that are in the oil. When the pH rapidly or excessively decreases, it can indicate that the fluid has ingested acid gases or other contaminants from the environment.


  • Contaminants: A more general measure of lubricant quality, contaminants can include anything in the lubricant that should not be there. When operators of industrial air compressor parts mix fluid types, contamination can easily occur. Even relatively minor contamination can compromise the life of the fluid.


  • Total Acid Number: The total acid number, also known as TAN, is essential for a comprehensive compressor oil analysis. The TAN indicates a lubricant’s oxidative state and its remaining useful life. It determines this by measuring the oil’s total concentration of acids, both weak and strong.


  • High Particulate: A fluid’s cleanliness has a significant impact on the life of a machine’s bearings. The number of particles in a fluid can compromise its cleanliness.


When you don’t properly maintain the lubricant for your compressors, you run the risk of damaging your machine. Contact us today to learn more about how your industry can benefit from synthetic compressor oil analysis.

When to Hire an Arbitrator

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 7th, 2019. Posted in Judge dennis cavanaugh, Mediation, Qui tam actions

Courts of law exist across the United States, and they are used for more than criminal prosecution. Some of these courts are used for bankruptcy filings, for example, or for matters of environmental law (when companies pollute the natural environment) or even employment law. Such courts of law and the judges who preside over them may be used to settle all sorts of disputes, but in some cases, a party would rather make use of arbitrator firms instead. An arbitrator firm may offer some perks over a court of law, although not all disputes may be settle in this manner. When is it time to make use of an arbitrator firm, and why might a court of law by used in other cases?

Using an Arbitrator

An arbitrator firm may act as an alternative to using a court of law for litigation if so desired, and many cities may have these arbitrator firms in them across the United States. Why might an interest

The Right Tools for the Job

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 7th, 2019. Posted in Kurt vise d688, Machine shop supplies, Machinist block

Modern factories, repair shops, machine shops, and other industrial sites will always need to have the right tools on hand to get the job done. The concept of tools dates back to the caveman days, but modern tools are far more advanced than flint knives used to cut deer meat. Rather, a modern factory or machine shop will use such devices as lathes, the best carbide grinders, drill chuck sleeves, drill bit organizers, and even lubrication to keep production going smoothly. A factory owner may find industrial tools online, and smaller shop owners may also industrial tools online of all sorts. These industrial tools online may be found in catalogs and range from new drill bits to machine lube to lathe parts and more. Modern work is nearly impossible without these essential parts, so finding industrial tools online is critical. Wholesale suppliers may be found through the Internet, a flexible option if someone is looking

Buying Wholesale Paper for the Office

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 6th, 2019. Posted in Buying envelopes in bulk, Shimmer cardstock, Wholesale cardstock paper

Paper has existed for many centuries, widely believed to be developed in ancient China. Ever since then, paper and parchment have proven universally useful for creating documents, maps, personal correspondence, business reports, and much more. This continues well into the modern age, and not even the rise of the Internet and computers has made paper obsolete. Certainly, computers and the Internet offer some advantages that paper cannot offer, but in most cases, an office will make use of paper and the Internet alike. This means that offices and businesses today need wholesale paper suppliers on hand, and these wholesale paper companies may provide envelopes in bulk, shimmer paper, cardstock wholesale supplies, and more. A company may make good use of envelopes in bulk, for example, for its clients and customers, and paper mail

Plastic Leading Manufacturing From Third Place

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Plastic can be an incredibly useful compound when used right. When plastic is not recycled like it can be, it only harms more than it helps. And it is a shame because plastic has created alternatives to products that were once originally made with aluminum, steel and glass.

Let us put it this way. You have 2 pounds of plastic, 3 pounds of aluminum, 8 pounds of steel and 40 pounds of glass. You need to fill 1,300 ounces worth of drinks. Which is going to get the job done at a better price? If you guessed “plastic,” then you are correct! But why? Each material can carry the 1,300 ounces needed, but plastic does is better by being do durable.

If you take a plastic bottle, you will notice that it is not very thick. In fact, plastic can be very strong with such thin walls. Aluminum, steel and glass can all cut, and glass can even shatter into a dangerous pile of shards. So, you can see why plastic would be chosen over the other three.

U.S. Plastic Production and Industry<

Have A Custom Water Tank? Make Sure You Have Customer Liners

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 24th, 2019. Posted in Clarifier tank, Gas tank liner, Plating tank liners

Whether you are storing water or waste, having a tank that suits your needs is important. Without a properly adjusted tank you could face leakage or contamination, depending on what you’re using it for. However, custom water tanks require custom tank liners to ensure maximum coverage.

Why Use Custom Linings?

When using a custom water tank, they will seldom be suited for a generic tank liner. This goes double for storing certain types of chemicals, as you don’t want to risk them corroding through the liner and leaking into the surrounding area. The best way to ensure your tank and what your storing is secure is by using a specialized liner. Here are a few reasons why it’s always the safe bet to invest in custom liners.

  • Custom Water Tanks Aren’t Made Equal. Depending on the age and location where the tank is being stored there could b

Level 6 Shredding Available from Industrial Office Shredders at Various Locations

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One of the most common security options when the need to destroy private documents, with the availability of industrial and commercial shredding. When there may not be the inclusion of seriously private information like account numbers, personal identity information, client information, and more, there is the ability to use a basic shredder. Even more than that may call for the need of industrial office shredders that provide complete destruction of those documents.

Level 6 Shredding From an Industrial Office Shredder

Level 6 Shredding, originated in San Francisco in 2007, now offers both residential and business clients with the highest level of document disposal. Clients are able to drop-off documents for shredding, complete shredding on-site within an industrial office shredder. It is often also available off-site, witnessed document shredding and hard drive destruction. Local 6 shredding has two San Francisco locations, offering services by both appointment and walk-i

3 Important Questions to Ask Funeral Directors

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When it comes to funeral planning, whether you’re planning a funeral for a loved one or planning your own funeral, you’re probably going to be working with a funeral director. Working with an experienced professional can be extremely helpful — in fact, a Harris Poll survey found that 82% of respondents agreed that funeral professionals provide valuable services. But if you’re struggling to choose a funeral home, here are a few important questions to ask that may help you make a decision.


How many years of experience do you have? First and foremost, you should ask the director about their experience. Funeral homes can be locally owned, family-owned, or even a chain. If possible, consider an independent funeral home. Local ownership often means the funeral home is truly dedicated to providing their community with excellent funeral services. But either way, you should ensure the director has a few years of experience under their belt so they can properly guide you through the planning process.


Do you offer certain funeral packages? Funeral costs can quickly add up, which is why it’s important to ask about any packages they may offer. Of course, you can still customize the service to your liking, but going with a more basic package to start with can help save on expenses. Additionally, asking about their funeral packages will give you a better idea of what kind of services they offer.


Will I have to pay any additional fees? Some funeral homes may charge for the basic services and then have additional fees on top of that. Additional fees may include those for transporting the remains, the use of equipment, cremation, and the use of a hearse. It’s important to know what isn’t included in the main cost so you can plan appropriately.


There are a lot of important factors to consider when planning a funeral, and these are just a few of them. From managing costs to finding the services you’re interested in, you’re going to be making a lot of decisions. So when you’re meeting with potential funeral directors, make sure to ask these questions so you can make an informed decision when needed.