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How To Choose The Right Business Checking Account For Your Needs

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 12th, 2019. Posted in Uncategorized

We’re living in a world of startups. Small, niche business are cropping up across the country — not to mention world – offering new products and new ways of doing things. With such a cornucopia of possibilities available to up-and-coming business owners, getting started seems easier than ever.


Before you go slapping down capital to get that dream business started, however, there are a few things you need to consider — and be aware of. It’s estimated that around 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems; this means you need to have your finances sorted and handled well before you open those company doors to the world. Step one involves finding an institution that meets your business checking account needs. Let’s examine what you should be looking for in these commercial checking accounts.


  • Services Offered: This means focusing on both in-branch and online banking services. At the very least, in-branch services should include the ability to deposit cash and checks, make cash withdrawals, and get cashiers checks if needed. Customer service should be available 24/7.

    Online, you should be able to view and review account balances and recent transactions, as well as take advantage of online bill pay services. Additionally, you may want to make your business checking account at the same bank as your personal account; that way, you’ll be able to access everything in the same app and location.


  • Maintenance Fees: Most business checking accounts have monthly fees, although they range from free to thousands of dollars depending on the bank and your personal needs. As your business grows and expands, don’t be surprised if the fees do, too.


Once you’ve got your business checking account taken care of, you can move forward in your business plan; you’ll be able to look into commercial lending services, compare and contrast small business loans, and maybe even take out commercial real estate loans for a brick-and-mortar store. Remember: don’t rush! If you take the time to do things right, you’ll end up in that successful 18% of small businesses that make it through.

Using Spray Foam for Better Insulation

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 10th, 2019. Posted in Concrete lifting foam, Spray foam equipment, Spray foam tools and equipment

A house or a public building today will need all kinds of proper construction materials in place and utilities installed so that it can be a functional and comfortable place where people can live and work, from a leak-proof roof to a waterproof basement or windows that have blinds on them to keep out nosy neighbors. One of the most critical components of a house or building to consider is the heating and air conditioning system, which uses up a lot of energy to make sure that a home or public building is cooled or warmed up in summer or winter. And there is more to an HVAC system than just the air ducts and blower fans; if a building has poor insulation in its walls or ceiling, the climate control will be disrupted constantly, and this can be costly. The same is true for drafty windows and doors. The solution to this is finding a spray foam machine for sale so that a building’s staff can get spray foam insulation put in place, and spray foam insulation products are always available on

A Look At All Of The Reasons That You Should Donate Your Old Clothing

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 10th, 2019. Posted in Clothing donation, Donating clothing to charity, Donations to veterans

Here in the United States, the average home will contain as many as 300,000 objects – a huge amount by just about any standards. Unfortunately, this means that many a home in this country is quite cluttered indeed and could very much do with a cleaning out. One way to go about this is to clean out all of the closet spaces in the home, including the clothing closets.

It can be hard to part with clothing, though, there is no doubt about it. For many people, clothing can hold a great deal of sentimental value. But while it’s certainly okay to hold onto some cherished pieces, others should be let go. Anything that is not the right size should also be gotten rid of, no matter whether or not you’re currently in the process of trying to lose weight or even gain it back.

How frequently you wear various pieces of clothing can also very much influence what stays in your closet and what ends up going. For instance, those who live in the parts of the country that only experience two sea

Upstairs During A Fire? Considerations To Make During Fire Evac

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 3rd, 2019. Posted in Uncategorized

We’ve discussed the random nature of emergencies before, as well as the need for well formulated and practiced escape plans. Between 2011 and 2015, healthcare facility fires caused an average of two deaths, 157 injuries, and $50.4 billion in damages. If that’s in healthcare facilities alone, how much more damage is fire doing?

One hardly needs to look far to realize the devastation that fire has caused in 2018 alone. It gives a fresh perspective on revisiting fire evacuation procedures that might not have been reviewed for a while in your own buildings. Specifically, we’re going to look at fire escape considerations to make when evacuating an upper floor. We’ll never call any version of fire safer than another, but fire escape from upper floors carries different risks, dangers, and considerations than ground floor blazes. Let’s look at a few.

Locate The Fire


At first, it seems obvious and some may even think it silly, but locating a fire that’s started levels below can sometimes be difficult from upper floors. Where the fire is located will drastically change escape routes and you’d never want to be cut off by a blaze in the middle of an evacuation, nor run the risk of floor collapse and the like. Before moving toward escape routes, it’s vital to do the best you can to locate the origin of the blaze.

No Elevators


Another elementary fire evac rule that needs restating is that elevators are off limits. Based on you locating the fire, this could limit your routes to a few stair locations or fire escapes. Do you have handicap evacuation chairs to accommodate people with disabilities on stairways and fire escapes? Your evacuation protocol must incorporate escape chairs in the case that you have to evacuate people with disabilities. You see now why locating the fire is important to do immediately.



Smoke and heat rise. One of the largest dangers to upper floors during a fire is smoke rising. Once your escape strategy has been put together, evacuation chairs have been outfitted, and you’re ready to move, the evac has to be timely. Not rushed, nor panicked, but at a quick enough clip to outpace smoke and the associated hazards it carries with it.

Take time to review your fire evacuation strategies and be sure to reason the differences between locations during a fire emergency. Hopefully, you never have to use it, but that kind of planning stands to save lives

Full Service Printing Companies Offer a Number of Quality Products

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 2nd, 2019. Posted in Direct mail advertising, Direct mail and printing company, Tampa printers

This will be the largest digital printing company order that you have ever placed. The fact that this is the last year your daughter will be competing in gymnastics has made you want to treasure every moment. Last year for the first time you worked with a friend who is a graphic designer to create an awesome team poster. The individual cut out images of all 15 girls on the team were great action shots. This year, however, you are hoping to print two separate posters. The team poster will be larger than last year, but you are still ordering 400 copies. For the last home meet, the one that celebrates Senior Night, you are going to print a separate poster of just the six graduating gymnasts. This second poster will be smaller, and you are only going to order 200, but you know that the your daughter and her team mates will love them.
Online printing professionals offer a number of services that are growing increasingly more affordable. By submitting ready made digital images, customers

5 Different Applications For Crumblers

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 2nd, 2019. Posted in Machine design companies, Screening conveyor, Surge

In many different industries, crumblers are essential for breaking up product clusters that would be difficult for a human to do. Manufacturers usually make rotary crushers with shaft impactors that create considerable force. Users can calibrate crumblers for a size reduction ratio between 10:1 and 25:1, making them ideal for recycling and food processing. Know these different applications for a crumbler and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your industry.

  • Cheese Blocks: Rotary crushers are designed to break up products that are difficult for humans to break up due to their consistency. Cheese blocks certainly fall into that category of products. Depending on the type of cheese, it may be too hard, sticky, or otherwise difficult for a human worker to break apart. To replace hands that may have trouble breaking cheese blocks apart, a crumbler can effectively crush them into smaller pieces.

Training to Handle Hazardous Materials

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 30th, 2018. Posted in Army hazmat training, Dot hazmat training, Dot training course

Not all cargo being transported in trucks, ships, or airplanes are totally inert or harmless, and some materials that are used daily in a factory, refinery, or other workplace may in fact be hazardous materials, and hazmat certification and hazmat training are standard prerequisites for handling these materials to prevent incidents of injury or damage to property. Any worker who will transport, load, or unload hazardous waste in confined spaces will need the know-how to handle these materials without danger, and this means a hazmat training course should be taken. Preventing disaster means understanding the nature of any hazardous material as well as wearing the right protective material and using the right operating procedure for handling all hazardous materials, whether solid, liquid, or gas. Agencies such as OSHA and many others may also offer online IATA courses and more so that workers can become certified to safe

Maintaining Your Medical Refrigerator

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 30th, 2018. Posted in 10 cu ft upright freezer, 4 cu ft freezer, Small benchtop freezer

If you work in a lab already you know the importance that comes along with a vaccine freezer and making sure that everything is in good working order within your laboratory. You know that the medical refrigerator has certain times that it should be monitored and that a very close eye needs to be kept at all times to assure that it is working correctly. With so many parts of importance sitting on your shoulders it’s imperative that you follow every rule that is assigned. Considering that over 21 million hospitalizations are prevented with these vaccines that are kept in your vaccine freezer, maintaining these items and protecting yourself as well are just a couple of the important aspects that come along with your laboratory refrigerator.

Label All Products

One of the aspects of taking care of any pharmaceutical refrigerator is to both carefully and explicitly label all contents within t

Creativity Can Make Your Church Marquee Sign Stand Out

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 27th, 2018. Posted in Digital signs for schools, Electronic signs for business, Marquee signs for businesses

Companies and shops all over the world use LED business signs to build their customer or client base and raise their revenue. For traditional brick and mortar businesses, this kind of outdoor signage for businesses can do wonders. Many people say they would not know where a business was located without the help of the digital signs for business. At least 35% of consumers admit this. In fact, even big stores rely on them to drive business. It has been estimated that 17% of the people who walk into Best Buy stores around the United States do so because they saw the iconic sign. More and more religious institutions are turning to church marquee signs to alert passersby to their presence but also to teach.

One church in San Antonio, Texas has developed a reputation for its clever and eye-catching church marquee signs, many of which go viral on Twitter, Instagram, and other soc

The Value of Well-Maintained Fire Alarm Systems in Commercial and Residential Buildings

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 24th, 2018. Posted in Fire alarm repair, Fire alarm repairs, Fire alarm system

Commercial fires cause many injuries and deaths every year, with hotels and motels having about 15 deaths and 150 injuries. While commercial areas with large oven ranges, non-chemical fire suppression systems are some of the best work to battle fires.

The Most Common High-Rise Fires

Four common classes of high-rise buildings acquire fires most commonly, including the apartment buildings, offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities. These often require both fire alarm systems along with automatic sprinkler systems. Some of these fire protection services and fire protection systems that often include wet chemical systems.

Value of Maintenance

Considering the importance of fire alarm systems and fire protection systems, there is much to consider in keeping them in good service. This could be anything from making sure of proper fire alarm installation and then having regular