Advertising Your School to the Community

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 9th, 2018. Posted in Church marquee signs, Electronic marquee signs, Marquee signs for schools

Digital signs

Having trouble bringing in local residents to your school events? Seeming as if people aren’t interested in your high school’s upcoming weekend football game? Do parents seem to forget that teacher conferences are coming up, needing to be reminded last minute every single year?

While handing out flyers, updating your website, and utilizing social media can be beneficial to get the word out for local businesses, there is nothing quite like having an outdoor led display to garner the attention of people across town.

Consider the stores you often see downtown: They have LED or neon signs in the storefront windows, either advertising adult beverages or statewide/national lottery purses, sodas or ice creams, attempting to grab your attention while you drive by. How many times have you stopped because of one