Your Work Desk Is Even Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat How To Create A Safer And Cleaner Workspace

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Businessowners go to great lengths to keep their place of business as safe as possible. They install modern video cameras, regularly check their locks and always take threats of violence seriously. However, one of the most common threats is also the most easily overlooked — everyday bacteria, chemicals and airborne contaminants. Indoor spaces are often more dirty than outdoor spaces, creating a breathing environment that can make employees and customers sick if not routinely cleaned. Professional cleaners work night and day to cultivate the healthiest work space or establishment possible, allowing people to do wha

Removing Bacteria, Reducing Allergens And Keeping Illness At Bay Janitorial Services

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Commercial cleaners

Where would we be without janitor services? These unsung heroes are responsible for keeping our environments clean and clutter-free, eliminating harmful bacteria and recycling waste in a variety of industries across the country. Through sweeping and sanitizing, they eliminate germs that can get people sick and clear up the surrounding environment to better discourage harmful pests or frustrating allergens. From restaurants to office cubicles, bacteria can accumulate anywhere and everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to encourage productivity and reduce illness in your business, consider hiring janitor services and putting a dent in daily waste and residue.

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Starting off the list with some quick facts: the average work or school desk is home to over 10 million