How Shipping Containers Can Be Repurposed

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From conex containers to other types of shipping containers, the potential for waste to be generated is high. Fortunately, however, conex containers and the like are able to be repurposed into other structures and have actually been used with a great deal of success to build a variety of structures, from job site trailers to modular homes.

Steel shipping containers such as conex containers and others are particularly useful for the construction of new structures as they do not require much upkeep and can last for nearly three decades before starting to show signs of wear. This is particularly useful for the construction of job site trailers which, when constructed using traditional materials li

When Was the Last Time You Visited an Office Housed in a Repurposed Shipping Container?

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Modular housing solutions

Just when we think that we are making the most unique uses of some of the most mundane products we are reminded by history that we are not alone in our efforts to repurpose materials, even very large containers. Storage containers are a perfect example of the repurposing that goes on by individuals who are looking for unique solutions to storage, living accommodations, and even office and reception locations. Although we may think that today’s creative use of shipping containers is fairly unique, we are not the first generation to make unique use of these structures. In fact, as far back as the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the first appearance of a unique amusement ride made use of railroad cars that closely resembled today’s storage containers.
The Ferris wheel that we all are