Is Your Company Looking for New Commercial Cleaning Equipment?

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 23rd, 2017. Posted in Industrial conveyor belt cleaners, Industrial dry steamcleaner, Peregrine series dry vapor steamers

Industrial steamers

There was a time when you thought that power washing the deck was difficult. Now that you are the maintenance engineer for a rather large food production plant, however, you know that the deck washing was no big deal. Some of the on the job cleaning projects that you supervise require the use of industrial dry steamcleaners, carbon dioxide blasting machines, and dry vapor steamers.
From building service contractors to universities and from restaurants to car dealerships, the need for professional cleaning machines like industrial dry steamcleaners is essential. Whether you are trying to sanitize a food processing conveyor belt or the interior of a used car that you will soon p

Don’t Get Steamed Up About Your Sanitation Regulations — Industrial Steamers Make It Easy!

Written by Small Business Magazine on July 28th, 2016. Posted in Commercial steamers, Industrial dry steamcleaner, Industrial steam generator

Industrial dry steamcleaner

If you or your business has been looking for a better way to clean, you should consider investing in dry ice blasting equipment for cleaning needs. Dry ice blasting is a great method for those with allergies, high traffic, food manufacturing companies, and more. Universities, food processing plants, and a host of other diverse industries can all use dry ice blasting equipment to get the type of sanitation they need without harmful chemicals. It’s becoming one of the more popular conveyor belt cleaners, as is the use of steam cleaning systems. Indeed, steam is a great method of cleaning and treating a variety of surfaces or pest problems — a multi-tasking wonder! For businesses that need to keep up t